We’re into 2021 and we’ve decided to UPDATE & REVAMP our Website with loads of new things to keep our Visitors happy. Stick with us as the G MaG ONLINE MEDIA HOUSE tries to bring you coverage of all the exciting INTERNATIONAL NEWS, REVIEWS and INTERVIEWS from the wonderful world of ENTERTAINMENT = Music, Arts, Culture & Lifestyle.

We’ve got some Timeless Classic Features that are wittingly thought-provoking … See the LIFESTYLE Tab for a whole variety of stuff like Food & Drink, Fashion & Relationships…. The CULTURE Tab has Pages like Marcus Garvey, Community Radio & Dance.  Also, check out the popular MUSIC and ARTS Sections that are now more innovative bringing different Genres and Styles together that enables easier viewing.

Click on the ABOUT US Link for Background Information on the former Printed Editions of Gargamel Magazine & G MaG Online. Under the PLATFORM Tab, you can get fully inter-active with other Visitors. You can also Post up your own Comments and Suggestions on EVERY PAGE.  And, don’t forget you can purchase great Gifts and Items from our User-Friendly SHOP.

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And, we’ll try to make this Website as Community Friendly as possible so… if there is anything that you’d like to see added, please let us know.

Happy Browsing….

One lOve, Melissa xx



Campro Entertainment C.I.C. launches Cam Pro Radio (Lifestyle) on the Internet via the G MaG Online Media House Portal. Cam Pro Radio is a fully Legal Entity – a Black Entertainment Related, Cultural & Lifestyle Radio Station that captures and embodies the very essence of what the original Gargamel Magazine had achieved in Print and later on the Internet as G MaG Online. At the same time, the Original G MaG Online site has been re-vamped, updated and runs hand in hand with Cam Pro Radio – a Dual Media Force in the Entertainment Industry.

Borne out of the need to fill a void for musical entertainment reading material focussing on Reggae and other forms of Black Music, Culture & Lifestyle, Gargamel Magazine was founded and established in April 1999 by Melissa C Sinclair (DJ Cameo). It promptly became the benchmark for all other Black Media Products as it single-handedly changed the way in which Reggae & Black Music was being viewed at the time. The Magazine set about to portray and present positive, professional Articles with high gloss Images of the Music, Artists, Industry heads and the Culture & Lifestyle of the Black Community with an appeal that reached out to and captured the wider International Audience. However, although very successful, in 2006, due to major discrepancies within the Commercial Media Industry, it was forced to change its name and status to G MaG – (Free Edition) and sadly, due to financial constraints, could only continue as an Archive Referral Point from 2014 on its website G MaG Online.

Fast forward to present day and there’s still a great need for such reading material but with the vast advancement and rapid evolving of technologies coupled with the far reaching effects of Social Media; more demands have been placed on Entertainers / Entrepreneurs to provide more varied forms of Social and Recreational Outlets. Therefore, in order to fill this vast gap, the Campro Entertainment C.I.C. Team has re-established and re-invented the G MaG Online Magazine in the completely novel and excitingly inter-active way. Thus, putting the Magazine firmly back on the map!!

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