Melissa C Sinclair aka DJ Cameo Brown is the Founding Director of Campro Entertainment C.I.C and Editor / Publisher (Owner) of the Former Gargamel Magazine (Print, Est. 1999) that is now G MaG Online. She also Own and Manages Cam Pro Radio – the Legal Lifestyle Internet Radio Station.

Melissa started out as a PA Secretary / Legal Secretary in the City of London during the Daytime and a Qualified Youth Leader / Sports Coach / Umpire (Netball, Basketball) in the Evenings and at Weekends. She then studied again to become an Adult Education Teacher in the fields of Business Admin & English As A Second Language (ESOL). She later became a Music Journalist for The Journal / Voice Newspapers as well as other Papers including The Evening Standard and in 1999, she decided to set up her Own Business (Campro Entertainment Ltd) as Editor / Publisher of the now legendary Gargamel Magazine which later changed its name to G MaG, now known as G MaG Online. During this time, Melissa also graced the TV Screens as Co-Chat Show Host of the Magazine Programme, Lifestyle On BEN TV and found time to uplift her Community as a Motivational Speaker and Media Trainer. MCS is currently a Radio Presenter on Cam Pro Radio, her own Legal Lifestyle Internet Radio Station as well as a Resident Club DJ and Events Promoter.

Melissa’s Hobby and Passion has always been MUSIC (Collector of A Very Broad, Eclectic Range) but specifically Soul & Reggae (Once a Member of a DEB Music Label, Lovers Rock Group, circa 1979) so over the years, as well as being a Commercial Disc Jockey (since the 1980s), Melissa has been a Pro Activist for Reggae / Soul and the Black Music Genres, Culture & Lifestyle.


Entertainers / Entrepreneurs are currently under pressure to provide more varied forms of Social and Recreational Outlets. Online Mediums has swiftly become the focal point and source from which to draw inspiration and appreciate quality entertainment material. Thus, this has opened up the scope for Creators like Campro Entertainment C.I.C to be innovative with their skill set to package and deliver high quality models that will step outside of the box and decisively move away from mundane, standard formats to address the current climate where the Audio & Visual Mediums have become the more acceptable forms of entertainment outlets.


The Campro Entertainment C.I.C Team has re-established and re-invented the G MaG Online Magazine in the completely novel and excitingly innovative way of a Radio Broadcast (www.camproradio.com) format with Live Streaming on different support platforms. Alongside putting the Magazine back on the map, it will be an excellent opportunity to showcase quality Radio Presenters, Storytellers, Children’s Programmers, Professional Talk and Chat Show Hosts as well as implement Training Initiatives that will lift the current standards of Community Broadcasting to a Professional level via the G MaG Online Media House.


• Magazine Publishers
• Editorial Services
• Journalistic Services
• Proof Editors (Books)
• Media Profile Training
• Publicity (PR) Services
• Radio Presenter Training
• Marketing & Promotion Services
• Artist Management
• Music Consultancy
• Event Planners

For more information on any of the ABOVE, please send an email to djcameo75@gmail.com

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