Welcome to the second staging of this particular G MaG Online Platform Blog Spot…. Yes, we’ve already run it in earlier Editions (JULY 2010) but, it was so popular, we’ve decided to run it again. And, you know the drill… we’re gonna sound off about all and everything that we find enjoyable, pleasurable, interesting, intriguing and of course, downright annoying..!! 

Ok, as a person who simply loves ALL forms of Black Music (from Reggae to Ragga, Soul to Soca, Hip-hop to High-life, Jazz to Jungle, Gospel to Garage and everything in between), I often have to rely on Community Radio to get my fill. And, what with living in London, I’m totally spoilt for choice as these days, there are Specialist Community Radio Stations catering for every type of genre mentioned above. This is great… all is well and all is good EXCEPT for ONE major FACTOR… the Disc Jock and his bag of LONG TALKING..!!!

Before the break, after the break and most ANNOYINGLY… during the Song…. most times, ALL the way through the Song..!! HELLO…!! WHO are we promoting here… the Artist, the Song or YOURSELF.?? Man oh man… what DISRESPECT..!! Especially when it’s a really hot song and you just can’t hear enough of it. And, guess what? Our Mr Deejay will pull up the tune, once, twice, three times (depending on how many times his Friends calls in to the show) and YES… CHAT ALL OVER IT… again and again. What is going on..?? It’s become an epidemic; totally out of control and MOST local radio Deejays seem to be doing this nonsense.

Some of these Disc Jocks (personally trained by their best friend in the back of their father’s garage) will have the nerve to tell you that, ‘he’s trying to protect the Artist from piracy, so that listeners cannot tape/record the tune’. Excuse Me..?? What piracy…?? Reality Check…!! You’re playing on a Community (Pirate) Radio Station..!! Any thoughts of preserving the ‘Industry Standards’ went out the window the minute you hit the decks..!! And, in case you didn’t realize it, you’re living in an age where music (any and all types of music) can be downloaded at the click of a button for little or next to nothing… So, wake up and stop playing da fool…!!

Another thing with these ‘Jocks’ is that (whilst chatting a bag of rubbish to spoil up the good, good tune dem) will only play a tune for like 10 seconds before pulling it up…. at the same time calling out: ‘big up yuhself to the 911… A406 … 747 … 999 …’ (last three digits of the callers’ number) from places where their signal don’t even reach AND before you know it, he’s pulled up the tune again (repeating the same phone numbers but, this time in a different order) and make out he’s having the most fun in the studio..!! Well, is only HIM ONE having that much fun because, up til now, we still haven’t got past the intro of the tune! All we know is that it’s Beres’ (or Beyonce’s) latest tune…. and so it goes on… can’t even get to hear half the tune, let alone the full three minutes..!!

And, it gets worse…. someone will actually call in to the Station for the re-load BUT, by this time, our Deejay has jumped to the next tune… and, how do we know that a ‘real’ Listener has called in..?? Our man will stop from playing any tune… big up him friend dem yet again…. apologize to the Caller (several times) and ask them to call back…!! Call back…?? What for…?? Why should anyone call this Deejay…?? So, that he can pretend that he’s actually got a few Listeners…?? Whatever the reason… sadly, our man is lost in own little world, talking to himself (answering himself back) and is convinced he’s having the time of his life…!!  

Meanwhile… we have just changed the Channel….!!  


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