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Youth Development
By Bryan Bailey
How do you reach the young, eager minds
So ready and able but, yet undefined
To show them the way to become who they are
To fulfil all their dreams and to reach for the stars
Cute Little GirlTo learn of their CULTURE and Black history
The knowledge of ages passed through you and me
To establish a place for the teaching of PRIDE
When they grow to be adults and take wings and fly
Through arts and crafts, singing and dance
The parents have toiled to give them a chance
To encourage the spirit of who they can be
They sacrifice all to set them FREE
Educating our children is the key to the world
To unlock all the talent we see shinning bright
To encourage the LOVE shown from all boys and girls
Should gladden our hearts, what a glorious sight
It’s easy to say but, much harder to do
Finding time for our children we all have to choose
And decide here and now because it’s never to late
We can all make a difference, can all make a CHANGE
Wealth of achievement that guides us through life
That enables true KNOWLEDGE to spread far and wide
Must be encouraged and passed to our young
Our ancestors guide us and make us all strong

Remember the people who fought for our FUTURE
They did so to help us the best that they can
And now we are proud to declare we are winners
Our Descendants has shown that YES WE CAN

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