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Serena wins her 12th Grand Slam Singles Trophy &
Captures her 11th Doubles Crown with Venus
Serena WilliamsAs is standard practice in the Tennis world these days, Serena and Venus Williams stamped their authority all over the Australian Open (AO) once again when Serena teamed up with Big Sis Venus to bag the Doubles Trophy and the next day, Serena took home the Singles title. The Singles Final saw Serena fend off all sorts of challenge from her old rival Justin Henin (6-4, 3-6, 6-2) in a thrilling three-set match. Henin had just returned to the Tour after an 18-month hiatus and was vying to create a massive upset. Renowned as a gritty fighter, Serena had fearlessly escaped ‘near elimination’ from the tournament in the Quarter-Finals when she was held at a set and love four (4-6, 0-4) down against Victoria Azarenka (world #7) only to come roaring back and win in three sets. Meanwhile, in the other Quarters, Venus was ousted by Chinese sensation Li Na who, along with compatriot Zheng Jie, was causing all sorts of worries in the tournament at that point. Earlier, much had been made of the return of Kim Clijsters who had (controversially) won the US Open at the expense of Serena for which, she attracted huge criticism because of her outburst at the Linesperson but, after that tirade, Serena was in no mood for a repeat performance. She heroically captured the AO Singles title for a record fifth time and secured the Doubles for the fourth time.
Now then, one wonders whether the cynics have anything to back their talk…?! Whether you’re a Serena fan or not, her current domination of the Slams (she’s also the current Wimbledon Champion), speaks volumes of her skills as a player. She’s equal sixth (with Billy Jean King) on the all-time list of major Singles Champions and now with her twelfth crown, she’s tagging closely behind Roger Federer (ATP world #1) who now owns 16. And, whilst the world continues to be in awe of Roger, for whatever reason, they still seem to overlook Serena. Venus & SerenaAnyway, let’s just concentrate on the ‘Ebony Queens of Tennis’ and the world’s current best female players! If we’re talking numbers then somewhere in the Williams’ ‘extra large’ Grand Slam Trophy Cabinet are NINETEEN Singles (Serena 12, Venus 7), ELEVEN Doubles, FOUR Mixed Doubles (Venus 2, Serena 2), ONE Olympic Singles (Venus) and TWO Olympic Doubles Gold medals. An achievement unmatched across all sports!
As mentioned above, it just comes naturally now… whenever the Sisters are fit and healthy and have entered both the Singles & Doubles competitions of a Grand Slam… chances are, if they capture the Doubles together then either one of them will lift the Singles title (or vice versa). The Queens certainly know how to do their thang on the Tennis courts and continue to take home the Grand Slam trophies (and hefty prize money) so, there’s no need to argue with the critics..!!

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