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Sports LogoLanguage, background, social status or locality holds no barrier when it comes to Sport as we all know that it is the one subject that literally everyone can get involved with on an even par. Millions of people from all over the world can readily identify with a particular sporting activity whether it’s the World Cup or local Football; the Ashes or County Cricket; the Grand Slams or regional Tennis; the NBA or College Basketball; International or Club Netball; Junior or Senior Athletics… right up to the ultimate calendar date of the Olympics… there’s a sporting activity to keep us fit physically or mentally. So, we may disagree all day long on one topic or another but, when it comes to Sports, it’s guaranteed that there’ll be mass unity… the only disagreement will be that of which individual, team or type of Sport to root for.
Ok, so we’ve not listed all the major sports (Golf, Rugby, Formula 1 springs to mind) or even some of the minor ones (Volleyball, Badminton, Squash for example) but, we don’t have to as there’s too many to choose from (and we’d be here all day). The point here is to emphasise the events that we like and (we hope) our readers will like.
So, even though we’re still working on some sections, we intend to take closer orders on what’s happening on the courts, pitches or tracks of our chosen fields!

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