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‘Rasta, A Soul's Journey To London’
Donisha is the daughter of Sharon Marley Prendergast (manager of the Tuff Gong label) who is the daughter of Rita and Bob Marley. Donisha recently visited the UK as part of her film documentary ‘Rasta, A Soul's Journey’, described as one young woman’s personal journey to Donisha Prendergastexplore Rastafari. The vision for the film is 'to look at Rastafari from a global perspective, moving out from the more familiar images of Jamaica to the scope in which this religion and its movement has moved beyond the confines of the tiny Caribbean Island' as described by director Stuart Samuels. In her own words, “this film will be a great document for history not only for Rastafarians but for the general public”. Prior to visiting the UK, Donisha had already filmed parts of her documentary in Jamaica, USA, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Ethiopia and to complete the final parts, she came to the UK with her final destination being India.
The inspiration for the ‘Rasta, A Soul's Journey’ documentary is personal, spiritual and ancestral and she was here in London to conduct a number of interviews and to find out how the message of her grandfather Bob Marley and the work of her grandmother Rita Marley had influenced and inspired many people all over the world. In the short time here, she managed to interview Poet Benjamin Zephaniah, Reggae Reggae Sauce Entrepreneur Levi Roots, Professor & Social Anthropologist of Nu Beyond Dr Lez Henry, Biographer of ‘The First Rasta’ Helene Lee, Broadcaster & Journalist Darcus Howe, TV Executive Farukh Dondy and UK Photographer Dennis Morrision (best know for his collection of Bob Marley pictures that were shot during the time Bob was in London). Whilst having a hectic schedule, she did find time to relax and paid a visit to Chef Collin Brown’s restaurant (in the Docklands) where, she was amazed by his skill as a Chef, the restaurant and the whole vibe of the place. In addition, she also spent some time making Ital Chocolate with multi award winning Chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory.
Donisha had never ever met Bob (she wasn’t even born when he died) but, through her journey she has felt his spirit. With the experiences gained on this journey she will use it to uplift the power his legacy, to explore and find her own spiritual purpose and hopefully leave an imprint. At the heart of it, Donisha is a true artist with a vibrant talent spanning many disciplines. Aged 12, with a few of her cousins, she performed background vocals on the theme song for the popular children’s animation series, Arthur, with her uncle Ziggy Marley as the lead. Already Rasta Onlinean accomplished actress, she has starred in many roles in a number of major Jamaican television productions and enjoyed leading roles in several live stage productions that has successfully toured the Caribbean, United States and the UK markets. She has travelled extensively with her mother, Sharon Marley (member of The Melody Makers) going to Japan, Ghana, South Africa and the UK with her grandmother, Rita Marley. In addition, she has toured France with Shaggy and Rik-Rok as a Dancer and Choreographer.

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