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Rhythm & Blues
A singer with an unparalleled and sophisticated passion for music, Rene Byrd is driving the Rene Byrd 1music industry into a new and fresh trend. Working by day and singing by night, she has built her own business concept and developed the ‘Rene Byrd’ brand from scratch. She’s currently working on her debut album. Her passion for singing started at a very young age and she landed herself as winner of numerous talent contests which successfully placed her as one of the top new talents in the UK. Aged 14, Rene joined a band as a Back-Up vocalist, paving the way for her career in the music industry. In 2001, she released her first EP titled ‘Hot Rock Now’, a mix of R&B and Hip-hop songs. It took the underground by storm and received heavy rotation on mainstream and commercial radio. This exposure took Rene across the waters to New York where Funk Master Flex played the track ‘It’s Friday’ which, received excellent reviews. But despite her initial success, Rene decided to complete her education. Having graduated at a London University with a degree, she went into full-time employment to fund her music career.
Writing, singing and collaborating with music moguls, Rene has written all her own songs and mastered them with a team of experienced professionals. Dedication, passion and belief in her music have been and, continue to be, the driving force behind her success. “My vision is to bring back class and elegance into music, create timeless songs and become an established artist with a prolific body of work”. As a singer, songwriter and performer, Rene aims to entertain and empower people’s lives with her music. Through this ethos, she has teamed up with numerous inspiring small businesses to help endorse her image through their brands. Among these brands are Australian make-up line ‘Becca’, worn by celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Alicia Keys and Kylie Minogue; luxury shoe designer ‘Aruna Seth’, worn by Pixie Lott and Goldie Hawn and London-based milliner Katherine Elizabeth who, has designed for stars such as Lily Allen and Dita Von Teese.
With the backing of social networking forums and international platforms for women, Rene also co-runs an event company for enterprising women, allowing her to become a leading figure and role model for women from all walks of life. “My album was borne through my personal experiences and I wanted to give my audience an experience of life, love, hope and joy”, states Rene regarding her debut album. The EP is out on the circuit and contains three songs... Rene Byrd 2Wait’ talks about wanting someone so bad it hurts and expresses a true desire to be with that individual. It depicts uncertainty and conviction for a person loved and is an unresolved love story. ‘Born Again’ is an adaptation of the original 1979 classic by Billy Preston & Syretta. This is a fusion of Spanish Salsa with a mid tempo R&B beat; a beautiful, romantic song about pure love, given new life! ‘More Than Words’ is a breathtaking, atmospheric signature song about true love. It reflects a classic love story of what it means to fall in love and to be loved in return.
As Rene’s aim is to bring back class, femininity and Soul to Pop and R&B, she’s working with a team of professionals including Howard Francis - her main co-writer and producer who is a musician, songwriter, producer and musical arranger. He has over 25 years experience in the industry having worked with the likes of Westlife, Will Young, Tom Jones, Blue, Peter Gabriel, Alesha Dixon, Mica Paris and Van Morrison. Tez-lee is one of the UK’s most explosive talents to emerge on the R&B / Pop scene for years who has worked alongside Jay-Z, Westlife and Craig David. He now works on Rene’s lyrical and production team. Jay J is a talented producer who has written and produced for artists like Liberty X and Jamelia.

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Queen Bee of the R&B Arena
When it comes to making music, there are many approaches that have been taken. There are those who just want to sing, naturally have the vocal dexterity to hang with it and so they create beautiful music that the world just goes crazy for. And then again, you’ll find some who Beyoncethink they’ve got skills but, sadly the masses disagrees and we all know that the ‘wannabes’ are plentiful. However, some may think they’ve stumbled upon a formula that is bound to grab the world’s attention but, often they can’t quite hit the mark. In fact, many who claim to have what it takes are simply clueless as to what the public really wants.
So, if one were ever looking for that true representative of a music genre and in this instance, R&B then there isn’t really a debate as to who is fitting to wear that crown as far as the females are concerned. No question, there’s only one true Diva that totally represents to the fullest on all counts and she goes by the name of Beyoncé Knowles. Ok, some may argue that ladies like Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys or even Mariah Carey are strong contenders but, for me, Beyonce is the prototype that fully expresses all the essential qualities that’s required from a Diva: excellent vocal prowess; naturally ripened beauty; creative artistic ability; high intelligence and a physique that cat-walk models would pay millions of pounds to get (and men would pay millions of pounds to be next to!).

Beyoncé, the world’s current best loved female artist, endorsed her ‘Grande Diva status’ when she made history at the 52nd Grammy Awards scooping a total of SIX Awards (from a record ELEVEN nominations)… the most ever won by a female in one night…
‘Song Of The Year’ (Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It))
‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance’ (Halo)
‘Best Female R&B Vocal Performance’ (Single Ladies)
‘Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance’ (At Last)
‘Best R&B Song’ (Single Ladies)
‘Best Contemporary R&B Album’ (I Am... Sasha Fierce)
See, that’s what I’m talking about..! The last Diva to hold the record was none other than Lauryn Hill who, had TEN nominations and bagged FIVE Awards with her awe-inspiring set ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill back in 1999.


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