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Music Publishing
RL Publishing is the brainchild of two highly talented individuals, Ricky Edison Defoe and Louise Savia Wright. Both Ricky and Louise believe in the power of dedication and hard work Louise Savia Wrightand, as a result of their chance meeting at a major publishing company, RL Music Publishing was borne. Without delving too deep into the backgrounds of Ricky and Louise, we wanted to showcase this inspirational company in order to help up-and-coming artists realise the importance of good music publishing. RL Music Publishing is not only an approachable company who is always looking for talented songwriters but, they are also very dedicated. Their passion is to make and promote music and give artists the opportunity to have their music heard. Louise is a talented songwriter who has worked with some of the most successful songwriters in the business. Ricky is a dedicated producer and they both worked hard alongside their ambitious team to accomplish their goals. Their company believes dedication plus passion are the keys to success.
What Is Music Publishing Company?
On many occasions we would get asked the fundamental question. “What is a Music Publishing Company and what does it do”? Our answer is simple. We work with songwriters, composers and producers who create music and/or write lyrics, just as a book publisher would work with an author. In brief words, the music publisher operates as a manager, a lawyer, an agent and a business advisor to the songwriter. The publisher has a wide range of responsibilities that he or she takes aboard when they agree to be a publisher. Promotion wise, the publisher will typically promote songs for films and television, singles and albums along with commercials. In the areas of administration and protection, they are the people in charge of policing for infringements and ensuring that the administration of musical compositions has be properly adhered to and executed.
When Is The Right Time To Sign A Publishing Deal?
The time for artists to get signed after sharing their material with potential labels varies but, if you are unsigned we can help you with cutting a demo, shopping for a deal that will suit you, getting transport etc. If you already have a record deal, we’ll work with you to find placement Ricky Edison Defoeopportunities (Movies, Video Games, Ringtones, TV etc.), help at radio, collect your royalties and help you get enrolled to the MCPS and the PRS.
What Is MCPS & PRS For Music?
MCPS (Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society) and the PRS (Performing Right Society) are now called PRS For Music. You can find more information on the internet. PRS basically licenses all forms of public performances of songs (broadcasts, live concerts, music played on the internet etc). MCPS basically licenses the reproduction of songs on all forms of sound-carrier (records, tapes, music downloaded from the internet etc).
How Do I Get A Publishing Deal?
Bands and Solo Artists: RL Music Publishing accepts unsolicited demos. What this means is: you do not need a lawyer or manager to submit your music on your behalf but, if you do have a lawyer or manger then they can still represent you.
See our LINKS page for the RL Music Publishing website.

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