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Political Affairs
Reverend JESSE JACKSON Supports OBV Poster Campaign
Reverend Jesse JacksonCivil Rights leader, Reverend Jesse Jackson launched a ‘Voter Registration Billboard Campaign’ in Westminster, Central London recently and praised moves to launch a Black Manifesto ahead of the General Election. The former US Presidential Candidate launched Operation Black Vote’s drive to combat lower voter registration rates among Britain’s Black communities with a message that people can change politics radically if they got involved. Reverend Jackson unveiled a 100-foot Billboard Poster bearing the slogan ‘Expect The Best From Yourself And Society. Register To Vote’ and stated that Black Communities can swing the results of enough seats to decide who gets the keys to Number 10 Downing Street.
Reverend Jackson was the latest ‘high profile international icon’ to visit the UK to inspire BME communities. Last month, Reverend Al Sharpton addressed a large OBV Rally in London where, he delivered a hard-hitting message about the dangers of not participating in democracy. Reverend Jackson put a different spin on the message, saying that “voting was essential if Black people were to get a fair slice of the economic cake”. He continued, saying that moves to publish a Black Manifesto shortly were “good for the healing of the whole nation” because the lesson from the Civil Rights struggle was that when you help the segregated you also help the segregators.
Simon Woolley, OBVStanding beside the Billboard Poster (designed by Ad Agency Ebb and Flow), he said: “this slogan is important because if we expect much, we receive much. So we must expect high expectations for democracy. People vote in their interests. Minorities want racial justice and laws that protect them. Yet we are free but not equal. If we want access to capital, we must get involved”. Reverend Jackson was a guest of Equanomics UK (a group with links to the Civil Rights leaders’ Rainbow PUSH coalition in the US) and The 1990 Trust. He is due to visit a number of regional cities including Birmingham, Leicester & Bristol and is expected to speak to students at Cambridge University.
OBV director Simon Woolley said: “the Black vote is a sleeping giant that can decide who wins and who loses at the next election. In order to demonstrate our political clout, we must first be registered to vote. Rev Jesse Jackson, a political icon across the world, joins OBV in launching this crucial message over the next few weeks”.
OBV Poster CampaignOperation Black Vote (OBV) is the UK’s leading political campaign group that encourages and inspire Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups to play a full and positive role in the democratic process. The Poster Campaign Launch was attended by Ministers and Shadow Ministers, BME Prospective Parliamentary Candidates, other political candidates, Civil Rights activists, OBV Personnel and members of the international press.
Text: Lester Holloway, OBV (Edited: Melissa Sinclair)
Photography: Zemamnesh Campbell

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