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Poets 2
By Bindakat
To Be Or Not To Be, BLACK
Is there A Question?
When there are none Nobler
In Dignity and in Pride and Yet
Though suffering and having Endured
The Slings and Arrows
The Stings and Blows of Oppression
The painful throes of Dispossession
The Sinful woes of Repression
To Emerge Vibrant
Tuneful without depression
To Be Or Not To Be, BLACK
To find and to define the Source of Beauty
The Source of Strength
The Source of Courage and of Pride
The Source of Style
The Source of Survival and Longevity
The Source of Being Itself
In Being
To Be Or Not To Be, BLACK
Is there A Question?
In the Face of Opposition And
Even a Place of Relocation
The Face of BLACK
Diverse in Many Shades
Each of Beauteous Accolade
Finds its Source – The Same
There with Overstanding
There In Being
To Be Oh Yes To Be, BLACK
There Is No Question!

By Amelia White
Now, I going to try to explain
But you may not understand
There is nothing in this world
Nothing like My Black Man
Now, I’ve tried other races
Different colours, creeds and kinds
But one that could compare to
My Black Man, I could not find
Some try to imitate his walk, talk his talk
You know that sweet slang
But no man can copy the way
My brother does his thang
My Black Man with his thick lips
Wide nose and high cheek bones
High yellow, blue-black, caramel brown
My Black Man spells beauty in all skin tones
Now, I don’t discriminate against the others
I just love my Black Brothas
Dread ocks or braids, flat tops, baldies or fades
It doesn’t matter, I just love them
I can’t get enough of them
No matter what other men might say
I’m behind My Black Man all the way
Pushing him, pulling him
Carrying him, whatever it takes
You see, My Black Man has it all to make
If he falls, we all fall because
No one can ever take his place
Now, I have tried to explain
But some of you still don’t quite understand
That there is nothing in this whole wide world
I mean nothing, like My Black Man

By Bindakat
Rise up to Grace, it’s yours to have and behold
Recognize a friendly face, a story screaming to be told
Behind the plaster mask, the mould will peel and crack
Shatter to a gleaming floor
Ok, the Tide will carry the debris away
In jagged ripples of the ways we were
It’s hard swimming, against the Tide all the time
Neon lights bright, attract a material soul
Turn whichever and you will be sold
Down a river of fool’s gold, to stand cold
Bowled-over and bought
Numb on a skyscraper shore
Rise up and dry off, you’ve had mud in your eyes
So eager for more, easy on the gleam
All that glitters never is… but wait…
My skin glows in the sun where I belong
My thoughts flow to a land where I began
My heart yearns for the love of another
We steal away... ssshhh… not this time
We go alone... no betrayals, no false Deities
No Hermesian Messenger mission
We already know together we must stand
Aware, experienced, knowledgeable
Fierce and so proud
In Full Glow … In Full Flow
The Tide... the Tide... the Blessed Tide
Is for You... and for Me

By Stella Humana
The people are full of sayings, old myths
Superstitions and ignorance, clouding their minds
False belief preventing them from the closure
Segregated by controversy and conflict
The mass suffers and fade away
Covered under the corruption of their leaders
Who are ironically created by their hope and false vision
They create their monsters and wail when he turns and bites
The people fail to learn from dreadful mistakes
(History always repeats its self)
The people fail to accept the truth and see their lives
As it is than what they make of it
Lives lived in drowning illusion
Creating separate worlds
Judging the man outside as the enemy
Others live in delusions and fantasies
Increasing the inequalities and drowning in greed
While the mass live in reality
The pain and turmoil lifelong

By Selvin ‘Ewan’ McRae

I will try to live a life of love today
And of course, tomorrow I’ll do the same
However I’m convinced that our actions
Are sometimes not of ours, so who is to be blame
Don’t judge me for my work of yesterday
Pray with me for tomorrow is a better day
Give me a chance to do right and make it better
The race isn’t for the swift and time is the master

The strength of a man isn’t measured
By what he says he is able to do
But by the amount he has done
Or helped to get accomplished
Be careful of what we feed our minds
It will definitely become our thoughts
Our thoughts develops our actions
And our actions our habits
Our habits form our character
And it continues until the end of time

I’ve seen days where no rain was falling
Yet water poured down my cheeks
Had me thinking it was raining for days
Craving for love to fill this empty space
Our thoughts can go a long way
If we only look deep on our inside
Allowing our good thoughts to be our guide
So that in a better tomorrow, we can ride

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