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Poets Corner - RS
Below is an Exclusive Collection of Poetic Verses from our
'Poet In Residence' ROSETTA STONE


Springtime flowers dawn in glorious splendour
Silver-grey, green shoots, sprout up all around
Birds silhouetted against the blue-sky sings, answered
By the quack of ducks and Swans on parkland ponds
The Sun in flights of glory, wink in rapturous delight
Soon, beneath her gaze, branches, limbs and sprigs
Array with new blades, direct their shoots towards
Her marvellous light; apple blossom and cherry-bud
Blooms and sprinkles the stiff air with their bouquet
Magnolia perfumed alight, wafts sweetly towards heaven
Cool, calm, companions, stout, stock, stern dressed
In vivid greens, Evergreens dazzle resplendently
Fern frond unfurl, adding an exhilarating surprise
To Spring’s playful animation
First Snowdrops in silent serenity weep pearl-like
Tears, their infinite tones of tranquil white
Tinge with abundance of green
Fragrant harmony of dreamy restfulness
Accompanied by challenging Crocuses crouching
Conspicuously, bold and sassy of varying colours
They dance over the landscape, in an outwitting mood
They try to signal the arrival of Spring
Upon a green carpet, Bluebells create oceans
Of clearest blue, in harmony with the sky
Crisp and bright, chaperon by fleeting clouds
Their tussling green coats excite
Wonders of frustration – elusive dreams
A school of Daffodil drifts in limped
Yellow formation, striking up an exciting
Busy-buzz, trumpeting triumph overall
A scent of youth in congress of green, wave on
Hyacinths arriving like a rainbow in wondrous
Tight clustering spray, gently undemanding
Arrested by drops of evening and morning dew
Bursting forth, in tiny Spring scent
Alluring, captivating, they conquer hearts
In a festive parade, Tulips gowned in pompous
Splendour Red, incandescent fire stand out
Luminous, among the other wander upon vales
And under dapple sunlight and shades, they make
A wonderful marriage, announcing the Spring-season

Such friendships as yours make the world
A beautiful place and, with singleness of heart
You lessen others woes, bringing healing by
Sharing their sorrows, the tasks you undertake
Is to remove with its root – despair
And sow in its place, seeds of hope
Caretakers to Mankind you have become
And custodians to all, dispersed in the land
In the time you spend, giving, offering counsel
And bestowing love, you soothe away– pain
And to many hearts, bring solace
Services rendered, no return asked
The heavenly signet seals your reward
Friends you are and would be
Whether or not there was a prize
Hearts abound – overflow full of compassion
Your loving and giving nature sets you apart
You never pass what your hands can tender
Your words are well chosen, spoken with care
Life you impart – monumental
Like apples of gold in settings of silver 

I don’t know him at all
Yet, I know him so well
His mottos, his moves, his moods
Good, comfortable, deep, warm
Sparkling, invigorating moods
A smile that’s not on his face, not all the time
But brims lovingly from his voice, his words
Singing a sweet, melodious song inside of me
I know his smell, it is like sunshine
A mother’s warmth, nestling, embracing
The scent of a hot summer, after the rain
Fresh, crisp, comely, welcoming
I am lost, in the vast circles of his arms
Looping and enveloping my tiny frame
Singing a song, my whole body can feel inside of me
His warm earthen body, rich, dark
Mahogany, tall as a sequoia, redwood
Much like Mother Earth, stable, constant, nurturing
The contour of his face, I could not describe
But his soul, his inner self, I know well
It’s like a running brook, a springing well
Bubbling in quiet, tranquil rhapsody
Singing a rapturous, harmonious tune inside of me
We are kindred spirits, waltzing to time
In my life, you leave a treasure of precious delight
The hush of your words, so sweetly, softly spoken
Sets my heart a-whirl, my body is in ecstasy
My feet dance and dance in joyful pleasure
Summing up the wonders, getting to know you will bring
Deep, softly, tenderly, your voice sings inside of me

My Sista, I admire you
With pure envy, your love of life
The salutation you bring to every day
Every moment around you is a Celebration
You ring out the sadness out of everyone
Filling everyone’s seconds with gladness
The world looks at you; your face is the sun
Your eyes the stars; your whole being
Your golden setting shines like the silver moon
My Sista, by the talents of your hands
The cold and naked are clothed
The hungry and the thirsty ones are fed
Your tranquil breath with embracing words
Are like springs of water to their perishing souls
Rising ahead of the dawn, the atmosphere you create
For your husband and children is to their delight
Woken by the merriment of your singing
They arise to a table made ready, fit for a King
My Sista, you look at the world
With all its pollution, dread and decay
You picture it not for what it is but
For what we can make it and together as
We see with your eyes, what beauty
We behold, seeing for the first time
The World as The Most High intended
The human heart as it aught to be
Respecting and accepting every human’s right
Whether they be man, woman or child
My Sista, the importance of each moment
You bring to mind is so Divine
Framed for its own preciousness
And is a step by step journey   
We see all the things you celebrate
The Almighty’s creation arrayed and teeming
With plants, flowers and trees and land and
Seas filled with the offspring from Noah’s Ark
My Sista, you know that we are only here
For a time and that the world is given to us to enjoy
You know the secret that each one of those minutes
Eternity brings and when we accept them as such
We, like you can enjoy for that minuscule
Eternity will never come again


Hunted like the wild, caged like the freed
Shackled, starved, their laughter turns to mourning
Their voices to dirge; their dance sound no more
A lost to nature’s theatre land
Thousands harnessed, sardine stocked
Left to disease, to rot; the weak died
Left to reek in holes; no graves
Their stench seeped as ships rocked
And sailed for foreign lands
Maria In TingStilled by fear and flight of fright
Challenged by will of strength
No where to go, to run
The sea beneath, their bodies to receive
The sky above, their spirit’s rest
Blue call to blue, the soul’s show of spirit
Unboxed, the brave, the bold, the strong
They fired as human cannon-balls
From the platforms
Their stage, high-lighted showcase
Their uncivilized sporting arena
Dragged from the warmth of eternal days
From lands of diamond mines and mineral oasis
To labour hard in cemented houses
Or open fields, imprisoned walls
Tossed into the heat, snow or blighted hail
Furrowed backs, baked coal
Life mapped a spaghetti junction
Bolstered old scars, laceration new wounds
Work! Work! Work! Massa striked
No matter what the condition of health
Broken bones, shot-through foot
Cauterise big toe, bodies’ gangrenous food-hall
The reward to venture beyond the yard
Fever, roasting hot, scorching, soaring high
Kings, Princes stripped of dignity
Royal mothers, honoured queens bowed with shame
To the loss rights of their warriors and protectors
Their covering, their security
Their architects, prophets, priest and providers
Eyes bathe in tears; helpless participants
Forced to become peeping-toms
To their babes chastity deflowering
Nobility of birth polluted
Severed bond, grieving, weeping mothers
Mourning, tear-struck fathers
Sorrowing, nameless children
Seek in hope to find the
Roots to their ancestral land
And so today as if yesterday
We have never stopped knowing
Feeling, sharing the pain
The hurt carries over the centuries
We are free outside but within
The spirits of the ancestors’ stories lives on
From them we drew our strength
Theirs - and our tears mingle
And the wrenching pain says
This must never happen again
Hard, softly or loud, we are the power
To stand against the force
HARD, our words spoken gently
Is the symbol of our FREEDOM
SOFTLY like streams we broke forth
With no FLAGS of retreat
LOUD like a roll of thunder - We STRIKE


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