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Poets Corner - BB
Below is a Special Collection of Rhythmic Prose from our
'Resident Poet' BRYAN BAILEY

Fasten your stance unyielding in cities we live
Brace your shoulder hard my Black brother
Let no challenge cause you to doubt your convictions
As you journey onwards encouraged by a pure heart
For we are who we are carved from the stone of pain
Unique beyond compare as we ascend and rise
Guided by our past from whence we came
Hear their voices as they enrich our lives

Be you Plumber, Rapper, Doctor or Lawyer
Teacher, President, Milkman or Deejay
Gather your faith and community spirit
To become what you can in these changing days
RESPECT be your beacon for spirit and soul
Building self esteem on positive action
To encourage your Brother to develop and grow
And enable a life beyond his imagination 

 Let this awareness be passed to our children
Whose heritage dates back to Royal Kings & Queens
As we guide, caress and nurture their talent
Opening their eyes so they too will achieve
For now is the time for a revolution my Brother
As the world awaits our developing thrust
We must embrace what it has to offer
As we herald a change built on harmony and trust

Well you have Christianity and Buddhism
Followed by Cao Dai and Hinduism
Not forgetting Druze and Islam
And Quakers and Unitarian Universalism
You have Adventists and Ahmadiyya
You have Shinto and Digambara
You have Baptist and Anglican
You have Apostolic and Judaism
Then there is Sthanakvasi and Scientology
Tell me, which one for you or me?
Jehovah’s Witness and Lutheran
Which is best for each and everyone?
Can you see the problem with all these religions?
Seems as though we’re creating too many divisions
There may be no colour bar and only the person
But how do you reach out to everyone?
You must not share blood with another
Not even your own blood line mother
Tell me, how can that be right?
When I see my daughter fighting for life
Things people do in the name of religion
Makes me wonder about their damned decisions
How is it right to kill another man
Just because you follow a holy plan
Rastafarism and Shaivism
Not forgetting Eastern style Sikhism
But to be honest, let me tell you something
Can’t take too much of the isms
Then you have One Love
That knows no bounds
Believe it or not, it’s easy to be found
Just look at the person and not the colour
Religion aside, there is more to be discovered

We run, we sing, we play music and tantalise
The taste buds of the world with our culture
Always filled with the joy of life
Movement, pleasure and so much more
At peace with ourselves and our islands
Love and harmony despite what the world does
We are at one and free, with a pure spirit
We cherish our music that gathers us all
Through Rap, Rare Groove, Jazz and
Creations through Reggae, Soca and Soul
Inspired by the unremitting rhythm of the Motherland
Africa so beautiful, so unique and sensually complete
At heart, we are a peaceful race, happy
To bring joy to the world with a dance and
Gyration of colours and sounds that are unique to us
And, the eclectic passion that pulses throughout
Our nation is something so extraordinary
It showers the world in our magic stardust
We bring our Black heritage to a world that looks on
With total respect; so much so that it imitates
Duplicates and tries to fully absorb
We enrich the world with our social science
History and social economic and without doubt
Watch our sporting Olympiads as they amass gold
We excel in whatever we try; truly incredible
Remarkable and yet, we have just begun to fly
And the awareness is passed to our children
Whose heritage dates back to Royal Kings and Queens
As we guide, caress and nurture their talent
Opening their eyes so they too will achieve
And know that undeniably, we are truly Amazing!

I am greeted as though a long lost brother
From a land filled with sandy golden shores
Something so natural to be discovered
A whole nation that greets you in the early morn
Good afternoon is another but, not so strange
From women, gentle folk, children as well
A smile is present but, there is never gain
To falsely greet, then try a rude sell
I board the bus on the route to town
One dollar fifty for all aboard
There’s not one who wears a miserable frown
I truly wish to discover more
Music be the food of life
It surrounds you and colours the air
From Reggae, Calypso and all things nice
Slowly shaking away your inborn fears
Break neck speed but, safe of hands
We speed towards the busy town
Out of gentle green, lush lands
To city life where car horns sounds
Hustle and move, the sun dictates
The easy pace of all around
From city life to country strolls
A shade is certain and must be found
Such perfect heat that basks my skin
As cool sea breeze blows through my mind
Silver sands massage my feet
As peace becalms my ruptured life
Home again, our true place of birth
Natural karma overwhelms those who come
The splendour of West Indian life
Soothes my soul as the warm West Indian sun
The tastes, the smells, the sights to behold
The lush vegetation and creatures that abound
Remind me again as I grow old
West Indian life is the best to be found

Salama / Jambo
I am the ghost of so many slaves
Whose lives were DESTROYED and crucified
I DESPAIR as I observe your lives today
MY SONS speaking words that make me cry
We took the whip, the chains, the oppression
To enable a freedom that we could not have
But now I wonder, have you not learned the lesson?
That DIVISION is what makes us stagnant
STOP! In the name of all that is holy
We beg you speak these words no more
Our souls are entwined in a terrible story
So we beg you let these words go
Blood, fear, death, PAIN and hate
The terrible emotions linked with these words
Please REFRAIN before it’s too late
You DESTROY all of us, have you not heard?
Do you think so little of yourself?
Can you not see the HARM you inflict?
The whip and chains cut deeper today
Because my sons speak in such rhetoric
Next time you hear these words so foul
Be responsible and let your feelings known
TEACH the youths and let them see how
The reality of where this seed was sown
Because for all the troubles that face you now
I tremble with anger and deep REGRET
That my children have still not yet found
There are some things we must not forget
For I am the ghost of so many slaves
Who cannot close our minds to what we’ve heard
Please, we DEMAND, please stop today
Never, ever, ever, speak the ‘N’ WORD

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