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We Are Divine Individuals – Words Of Wisdom From Tony Brown
We are all Divine individuals with unlimited and inconceivable possibilities. This is another day of confirmation that this is true and a time for us to accept our personal powers as one with the Highest Universal force working together in harmony.
Our souls carry a beautiful unseen picture of our character, our personality and our true spiritual self. With the right attitude, we can forge our way forward positively with an open Waters of Lifemind into the unknown that we are sometimes are fearful of. The differences between our strengths and weaknesses sometimes create confusion whereas the challenges ahead are not going to be easy all of the time. We all have problems and problems need solutions. History tells us how much we’ve fought each other and still, we continue to fight each other. Is it because in this time we are suffering from the enslavement of booby-trapped minds? We’ve got to fight together to win the fight! With the knowledge that things do not work themselves out, we should arm ourselves with positive visualisations that things can be worked out. By not taking each other for granted, we eliminate the possibility of losing what we’ve built up over the years which, can disappear overnight.
By learning the wisdom of forgiveness, it will give us the key to curing hate, receiving real unchallenged happiness and belief that embraces the values of integrity, self worth, respect and loyalty to ourselves and others. This is the evidence of true love, proof that working together always wins. Achievements are the results of utilising these skills. They are, in truth, evidence that we can present as qualified judges of our own developed skills gained from experiences. The experience of new and different things in our lives arms us with the necessary ‘life tools’ to deal with the world in which we live. This is the reason why it’s not about what we believe in but what we understand that gives us wisdom. Belief has no competition with wisdom – experience has. If we truly understand that experience has nothing to do with belief then we will understand that it has everything to do with what we already know.
 Life on this plain is only a small part of who we really are. A beautiful gift offers unlimited opportunities, privileges and responsibilities. It’s a moral duty for us all to give the same back as we receive so that we can grow and become stronger, wiser, greater than what we are today because life is the eternal gift. Our minds have a supernatural way of trying to convince us of what to do by choosing whether to preserve or destroy. Therefore, when we are dealing with our highly specialised spiritual senses, our physical defences have no competition or real defence. On the understanding of this, giving thanks each day should be a natural and instinctive way of living, just as our ancestors had opted to survive and were flexible enough to be able. By changing our ways, better days will surely bring us great rewards.

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