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President Barack Obama

A Poem for President Barack Obama by Bryan Bailey
Blessed be the day that the light
Of The Almighty shone down on your birth
Because of you, we now give thanks and praise
Mr President & FamilyTo believe in a distant dream
That seemed almost impossible to embrace
But now shines bright and clear
At the start of a glorious new born age
For we struggled for centuries
Under brutality, disrespect and closed minds
Sacrificing everything to keep you safe
And keep that vision alive
Now we cry tears of joy from the depths
Of our souls, that day has come

We can now look upwards and forwards
As your vision is now realized
That day has come!
Let’s give thanks to The Almighty
That day has finally come!
Souls from past lives give thanks
For they applaud and cry with happiness
At what you have achieved, Mr. President

Joyous children playing freely
Where once their days were enslaved
Give thanks to you Mr. President
Lovers now united, where once the masters divided
All thank you from their hearts, Mr. President
Whole families no longer parted by slave ships at sea
Give blessings to you, Mr. President

President Barack ObamaMothers playing with their children
Instead of cotton picking in the fields
Give thanks and praises to you, Mr. President
I see our Ancestors of distant past
All gathered at the large round table
I see Elders who no longer ask
Is it possible, are we able?
I see cheering, smiles and laughter
As glorious hope abounds
I see all this and much more
As the triumphant trumpet sounds

We thank you, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama
For blessed be your days to come
We thank you again and again, Mr. President
For The Almighty has indeed blessed you, His son

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