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Culture - MLK
By Bryan Bailey
I had a very interesting dream last night!
NO, not what you're thinking, so just get that out of sight
Dr Martin Luther KingI dreamt that I was having a conversation with Dr Martin Luther King
It was as clear as the breaking daylight this early morning!
Can you imagine that, actually meeting the great man?
Having the privilege and honour of shaking his hand
Amazing dream and truly what mystical times we are living in
As the song goes, the answer is blowing in the wind
The great man cried because Barack Obama was now President
After centuries of struggle keeping the dream alive
By being rational and NOT being militant
Holding onto the vision that saw so many die and pass away
To be reborn in Barack Obama to lead us onwards in the coming days
We strolled down the street in the hazy morning sunlight
He observed everything around him, everything in sight
He loved the diversity and mixture of different cultures
Especially children of all types playing and ramping with each other
A tear drop of happiness, knowing that his dream was awakening
Although he was fully aware, some parts were still faltering
But then I introduced him to the internet and PC
His eyes nearly dropped out at what he did see
The vast knowledge that was available at his finger tips
He was truly amazed and he could not resist
But at the same time, his heart became heavy at what he saw
Because with all this knowledge men were still creating war
And religion and cultures had still not found peace
Since the days of his death and his father's father deceased

But then he asked that the people of the world would look at his life
And remember his purpose and why he died
So that none of what he did would have been in vain
For if that were the case, then it's him we must blame!
In my dream, I told him NO! 
There comes a time when we have to make a stand
And start to realize our vision, every boy, girl, woman and man
And know that it’s OUR time to fulfil OUR dreams
So at last the great man, Dr Martin Luther King
Ccould now finally, Rest In Peace

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