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Marcia Griffiths
Queen of Reggae Music
Jamaican music has produced many well-known personalities over the last six decades who have no doubt made their mark on the international scene. This goes to show how influential Marcia Griffithsour music is, the impact of the genres of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dancehall (Bashment) can be heard around the globe. Artists such as the Skatalities, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Ken Boothe, Burning Spear, Buju Banton and Shaggy – just a few of the well known males. The women have also represented in one form or another as backing singers and solo artists like Millie Small, Hortense Ellis, Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt, Dawn Penn and Pam Hall.
But one female in particular has stood out above the rest – she is regal, picturesque, always royally clad. Her electrifying and commanding stage performance, her sheer finesse, dancing graciously and classy, compliments her Soulful vocal prowess. Such is her demeanour, that can put an audience in a trance, spellbound by the glory of her music, is here to feed the musically starved. And, she has every intention to use music as a medium to foster goodwill and bring unity to the people of the world. With a career spanning all of forty-five years and over twenty albums to her credit, this is, in retrospect, the indomitable ‘Queen of Reggae’ music. Marcia has trod a long road within the music business – she has been through all the genres of our music. As a stalwart woman who grew up in the era of Bob Marley and was part of the group I-Three, she's  also an outstanding solo artist within her own rights.

“Ah, what the music has done for me is actually fulfilling – one of my desires on earth and the portion that God has given me is to bring mankind together through the medium and the power of music. I have seen where I have touched souls and that is one of the greatest feelings that I could ever have as well as the satisfaction. I mean, nine out of ten times there are performances – everything is not really up to what you are expecting it but, because of the satisfaction, the people you know show up. And, reaching out to the people, it satisfies my soul, so I am really satisfied to know that I can touch peoples’ soul through the medium of music. That is one wish and desire I’ve had in my life that I have achieved, this is what the music has done for me.
The music has definitely developed over the years, no doubt about that, because where Bob Marley took it, it was at the right place until the ‘male dominated part’ of it came in with the Marcia & Son TaffyDeejays and the negativity. But now we see that it is cleaning up a little and ah, most of those artists realised that you have to be firmly strong and have substance to stand up in this time. Not just to come up with something that is worthless but positiveness that will uplift Mankind. So, everybody has been changing, trying to send out positive messages. I think the development is really remarkable and it’s even getting better with people like Shaggy and Busy Signal out there now. Beenie Man is also opening doors for many young upcoming artists. And, when I mentioned the orchestra, this is really how the music’s supposed to be played, with an orchestra behind us – you know, like we are singing in Mount Zion. This music is just not given the proper treatment, but when given the proper treatment, it is the best”.

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