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Jazzy Notes
The UK’s sophisticated female Saxophonist
YolanDa BrownYolanDa Brown has proved that beauty, brains and artistic bent can be a marketable combination as a mainstream music celebrity. The 27-year-old PhD graduate has created tidal waves in the music industry with her saxed-up versions of Pop R&B and diversity is her USP. A self-taught saxophonist, Brown is not what you’d normally expect from your typical instrumentalist - not known for their intellect, less still for their good looks and worse for their sobriety, fewer still stand out because of their gender. YolanDa Brown is the antithesis.
The East London born child of Jamaican parents began playing Sax at the age of 13, having studied a number of other instruments previously but, there was something about the Saxophone that held her attention keeping her captive for the last few years. “I played the piano and the drums but, I wasn’t getting the same satisfaction from them as they’re things that you play on whereas the saxophone is something you blow in to. I put a lot of myself into the sax. It’s my voice”. A young, gifted YolanDa Brown has made a successful transition into the stables of the UK’s musical landscape capturing two MOBO Awards and numerous other accolades for her outstanding musical acumen and delivery.


Lascelles James 1The UK’s premier Saxophonist mingles Jazz with Reggae smoothly blended amid an Eclectic mix of Rhythmic Blues, Soulful grooves & Calypso sensibilities presenting an exquisite Caribbean Flava but with added Global Appeal.

UK based, Jamaican saxophonist, Lascelles James has helped to maintain the historic tradition of the Jazz genre as integral to Black people’s culture. His musical mix ranges from Bebop, the Blues, Soul and Pop to Calypso and Reggae.
James uses Jazz to up the tempo and importance of Reggae as social commentary as well as listening enjoyment. His creativity and artistry blends beautifully when performing medleys in the presence of mixed global audiences.
“My music is aimed at making people happy, offering confidence to them and giving hope that life is not all about negativity and despair. I try to reflect my ideas of life and that of others in my music”.
His album collection includes ‘Turn Off The Lights’, ‘Shining Star’and ‘All Night Long’  (produced by Lloyd Chalmers). ‘Long Time Waiting’ contains original compositions and with the current set ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’, you get the best of the Lascelles James experience.

To listen to some of Lascelles' songs  

Miles Davis

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