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Michael Joseph Jackson

The TRUTH about Michael Jackson by Kenny V Passley

Michael Jackson will always be Number One!! Nobody had the kind of impact, exciting imagination, could dance, write songs, sing or create like him. He maintained the position of being the highest paid, biggest draw, most important person in the music industry for the longest time! I’ve been listening, reading and watching people talking so much rubbish about him since his death, I think it’s about time the truth be told!
Michael 1Sections of the media still underestimate the public. Sticking to the old, worn out formula of being as negative as possible with regards to MJ, not realizing that, in this day and age, there’s the internet where people can go onto thousands of sites and find out the real truth about everything. One of the false impressions that have been constantly reported is his father’s abuse and damaging presence in Michael’s life. Joe Jackson was not only his father with the vision of glory for his family from the start but, also the man who was the driving force, protective, strong manager that negotiated all the best deals from the start in the ‘60s right into the ‘80s with his solo career. Joe ultimately led the whole Jackson family to becoming not only the most famous but, the richest music family in history! Where is his credit?
In 1972, Barry Gordy tried to split up the group, just like he did with so many Motown acts for bigger profits, by releasing a Michael Jackson solo single. It was his farther that put a stop to it. It was when MJ sacked his father as manager and relied on trusting others, that’s when we saw the missing ‘in the background’ protection that followed. In these times of political correctness, family methods of handling their children are a very sensitive issue. The authorities are ready to take children away for the smallest sign of problems. A distinction must be drawn between disciplining a ‘poor ghetto child’ to keep them out of trouble and steer them towards success and outright abuse, physical abuse for wicked reasons. Look what MJ’s farther has done for him. He’s never deserted him; compare that to the high level of dis-functionality within sections of youths today - with all their freedom. Joe did what he needed to do with nine kids...!! Where is his credit as a father??

Another ‘nasty’ put down of MJ bashing reporting is: trying to drive home the impression that he is a has-been - the ‘80s and ‘Thriller’ was MJ in his glory and everything else since then has been nothing but going down hill’, etc. But, the next album ‘BAD’ was number one for ages and had five straight number ones from it - yet they’re making out like it was a big failure. MJ kept himself right up-to-date with changing styles and led the way right up until his death. So many younger people have became loyal fans through ‘Dangerous’, ‘History’, ‘Invincible’, ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ albums... yet they kept showing him as a little 11-year-old boy or in the ‘Billy Jean’ video moon-walking to try and minimize his era of greatness. I don’t think that most of the writers realize the person they’re discussing...!! Standard format style of reporting that’s used for the unexpected death of a Pop Star - illustrating a life from rags to riches, then onto self-destruction from drugs - is for your average Pop Star that’s faded. This is NOT the case of Michael Jackson who, was really from another world, in many sense.
How could the mainstream media try and convince the public that his life was tragic? He was the real ‘King’ that met everyone, went everywhere and did everything and was in good shape too. Not only rehearsing and putting together the biggest set of concerts he’s ever done but, also working on a new, exciting album. Painting a picture using terminologies like ‘he’s been recently a recluse’... isn’t that a term for a person who doesn’t go out..?? He came to London recently to promote his tour!!! Let’s put things into perspective. A person who sold nearly a million tickets almost immediately it was announced for concerts that was due to start two weeks before his death, should NOT be spoken of in newspaper articles with headings like ‘the rise and fall of’...!! Give the man the credit and respect he deserved!! He was a pioneer on many levels, the introducer of Pop videos. 1982’s ‘Thriller’ album changed the way music was made around the world forever with its use of electronic computerized instruments. The first Pop Star ever to be sponsored by Drinks giant, Pepsi with a record amount in millions of pounds. The man who invented ‘ultra spectacular’ stage shows that raised the standard for all performers from the early ‘80s to present. His dance moves revolutionized dance routines used in shows for everything around the world. These are just a few of his achievements that are often left out when reporting about him!!

People are going on about ‘drug addiction’ like he’s a traditional casualty of fame as in cocaine, heroin etc... Michael Jackson didn’t even drink or smoke. No, it was ‘painkillers’ for all of the accidents he’s had over the years whilst rehearsing and performing. Going on about the shape of his nose… he fell down and broke it whilst dancing..!! That’s what started all the plastic surgery but are the public told that??!! He basically killed himself from working so hard... working on improving being the best and catering for the massive demand on him. He lived his life to please the public for over forty years and kept his personal pains quiet. Can anybody really talk about what it’s like to be the world’s most successful and famous person of that magnitude and living that life continually from the age of five until fifty? With all the opportunists around him trying to use him, pretending to help and care for their own gain… yet he’s never spoken out or cuss anyone - only Sony Records for being racist - and for good reason, making  a public statement! 

Michael 4MJ was the one with his own publicity machine - putting the stories out of sleeping in an oxygen tank; wearing the masks and all the other ‘not so normal’ stuff, was all deliberate! He wanted to create mystique when did those things but, as with most things, the media twisted it all to make him look crazy! But, he was having fun. He never hid his ‘altered looks’ and was proud of all the other things he did. Personal attacks always comes with the territory of fame as well as all the madness of attention but, the important thing for a Star is how you deal with it. MJ has conducted himself impeccable right throughout his life - never really putting himself with women everywhere, creating ‘baby mommas’ all over the place or leaving himself open to get exploited that easily, he acted smart. Can you imagine not being able to go for a walk, look out of the window or do anything without it being in the news…??

The other night I was sitting down in front of the TV and at the start of the report, the reporter said ‘the self-styled King of Pop’… I was immediately forced to switch off..!! Fact... he was crowned ‘King’ by the world for being the best, for the longest time with the biggest amount of successes, selling the most records..!! We’ve been constantly reminded about ‘child molestation’ court cases, ‘pay-offs’, anything they can get their hands on, to take the attention away from all the great things he’s done. He went to court and, at the end of a mad four month trail, was found NOT GUILTY on all TEN counts, all done with the might and skill of some of the best Prosecuting Lawyers in America... and they still won’t leave him alone..!! The ‘baby dangling over the balcony’ incident... how many times have we been shown that..?? He was holding that baby tight and the reason he was in Germany was because he was invited… to be honoured for all he had done for children, the charities and everything that we never hear about. But, it didn’t matter what was said about him, the reality of the situation is that the support for him grows bigger by the day. The man with the largest following in the world because of his skills, lovable personality, fantastic long record and reputation of being the good guy... the public have NOT been put off... they have tried their best and it still didn’t work on people!

Another ridiculous angle of discussion I was in pain to witness was the argument about the comparison of MJ to Mozart and Shakespeare, from hundreds of years ago... before there was all this technology to communicate with, as if he didn’t deserve to be put up there! The way in which those journalists are going on, you would have thought they had actually met Mozart or Shakespeare!! I don’t want to put down other people’s heroes but, the truth has always been that people of certain classes in society who, are the heads of mainstream media houses etc., do their best to promote certain types of people who, they want the public to worship but, people make up their own minds these day about who is more important to them. Icons like Michael Jackson are classless and have earned universal respect! He has reached out and united the planet like no other human being, and that’s all NOW... not hundreds of years later! I think the orchestrated, negative reporting is an attempt to destroy the now, inevitable... MJJ will become immortalized for ever!!!

Michael 3The Press and TV are playing up his eccentricity, constantly reminding the public with collected examples of his extremes, using those activities to make a case that he was mad and there’s no surprise that he’s now dead. The truth of the matter is… he was a Genius. In the history of the world, most Geniuses that made big changes to the world were exceptionally bright, gifted people with some eccentricity! After all, isn’t that what makes them different from the pack? Having the guts and being brave enough to be different. Having said that, there were major differences with MJ - he was an extremely wealthy Genius which the public saw and appreciated - with his vast music collection of brilliant material. He wasn’t as gullible as they made him out to be. Contrary to his gentle image - soft speaking voice and all, behind the scenes, he was notorious for being the hard business man that was very much involved in the decision making of all of his ventures, that included how he wanted everything done in all aspects of is life since the ‘80s. He was very much a ‘hands on’ Artisan who, got involved in the production of all his shows - all the ideas; the videos, music, dancing, the lot. The Shows at London’s O2 Arena would have been the new standard, he wasn’t done!!

Whatever MJ did in his private life was not harmful to anyone..!! He had no history of any bad dealings, did no harm to anyone, wasn’t recklessness with women - he was the shy guy who didn’t do the ‘groupie thing’ after the show -  just a clean loving soul on a mission to promote peace and love in the world through music. All the people over the years who, have either followed him, came into some sort of contact with him, worked with or met him personally refused to be tricked into thinking he’s anything less than a great man! A person doesn’t develop the world’s biggest following over forty-five years by privately doing wrong and being a fake! If all of the major celebrities of the world, that’s Politicians, Royalties, Singers, Producers, Actors etc. and the public come out and consistently say, throughout his life, that MJ is a great guy... why are others still trying to prove otherwise??!! Despite all the disappointment with betrayal etc. underneath it all, MJ remained a nice, generous guy that the fame never got the better of. He was the biggest thing to happen to Pop music… forever inventing, leading the way and was always the guy the industry looked up to and followed. He sold more records than anyone else in history so, let’s just remember that!  

An American Annual Holiday is in order for Michael Joseph Jackson

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