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Michael Jackson, Icon

‘King Of The World’

MJ StatueMost refer to him as the ‘King Of Pop’ but, his real title (amongst others) is the ‘King Of Global Music’ which simply means that Michael Joseph Jackson ruled over the entire musical planet, no genres barring. Whether you’re in India or the West Indies, Iceland or the South Pole, Mars or Jupiter, it makes no difference, everybody, everywhere can personally relate to MJ’s music! Not only that, when an artist sells over 750 million albums (without even including the bootleg sales which is probably much more) then that artist has got things well and truly locked! Such is his influence that countless other musical icons (from four decades) had fashioned their music (and themselves) after him. There is no other artist that truly encapsulates the musical art form better than Michael. His legacy spans forty-five years! He won countless Grammys, Music Awards and other accolades, more than any other artist! Yet, Michael died young at only 50 leaving us to ponder what else he might have achieved!
A ‘King of Musical Art’, Michael was not just about music albums, we’re talking the complete entertainment package here… he was a genius in all these categories: song-writing, original song concept, music composition, musical arrangement, artistic production, choreography, dance techniques, original video concept, unique delivery style. All these and so much more came naturally to him. We cannot put a perimeter on the amount of innovation that simply oozed from Michael’s inner being. His creativity was at such an atmospheric level that it almost drove him insane! Some had argued that it did and that’s why he chose to become creative with even himself, unnecessarily changing his appearance so dramatically. But, a genius is a genius in any language! I only ever judged Michael on his music and that, to me, was all that mattered. And what music it was, is and will forever continue to be….!! MJ’s songs will NEVER stop being played by ALL peoples, all over the WORLD.
The ‘King Of Dance’ was the greatest ever; albeit a cliché but, also an understatement. I don’t think one can ever truly define Michael’s dance moves (choreography) or contain it in any way… such was the man’s greatness! Ok, let me put it another way… MJ was simply SUPERLATIVE… untouchable! Whenever he took to the stage, one could guarantee a performance of a lifetime. Def Moves that five year old children to 65 year old adults would imitate…!! His dancing technique matched his song-writing ability (and all his other skills) and that’s one of the reasons why MJ was a constant attraction. As you all know, many have made successful careers for themselves from imitating Michael and now that he’s gone, methinks the numbers will outdo all sort of records when people, as expected, pay their own tributes to him.
‘King Of Humanitarian’ was our Michael. He spent most of his life helping others, gave the most to charity and tried to do the best he could for others. But, very sad indeed was the fact that people sort to take the most advantage of this. Not that people didn’t do it to others… that’s human nature but, Michael had more (worked for more, created more, inspired more) so, people asked for more…!! And, he would give them even though he knew he couldn’t possibly abate their appetite for ‘what’s not theirs’…!! He gave into their ‘blackmail’, ‘sabotage’ and downright ‘envy and greed’ just so that he could please the leeches that stuck to him like a band-aid plaster..!! And, you all know that MJ gave away so much that he made himself broke! Can you believe that..?? The world’s biggest selling artist, broke…?? It’s a crying ‘shame’ that the people closest to MJ tried their best to use and abuse him! But, The Almighty made Michael Jackson ‘special’ for a reason! MJ’s Humanitarian work had lifted him above the consciousness of ordinary people… where people took, he gave… and, where they proceeded to break down, he built back up. One of the most poignant videos ever made was the one for the song ‘Black Or White’. Not only was this song and video totally original in concept but, it delivered a most crucial message to the world about how we ought to live with each other. That to me, showed the entire planet who MJ really was, what he stood for and the empathy he shared with others.
‘King Of The World’ is how I will remember Michael. From a child star that captured the hearts of many to the man who conquered the world, Michael Jackson is ‘King’…. Love Live The King…!! I can recall the tears I cried when I first heard the song ‘Gotta To Be There’ and thinking that this was no ordinary boy singing like that! I can also remember covering my bedroom wall with pictures of Michael and the Jackson Five… brothers Jermaine, Marlon, Tito and Jackie… with their big Afros and lasting smiles. Like most of you, I rushed out to buy their albums, learnt all the words of their songs and mimed their dance moves. Forty-five years of the most exhilarating career ever... nothing’s changed; people are still rushing his music, creativity and style! Only now, there’ll be no more lightning performances to lose your mind over... no more new, totally awe-inspiring songs to meditate on… no more strictly def footwork skills to jump up to... and, saddest of all, no more of the undoubted inspiration that was Michael J Jackson (1958-2009).
Now then, do you think we will we ever see another MJJ in our lifetime…?? I don't think so...!!  MCS

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