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House & Grime

A Woman On A Mission

The ‘larger than life’ hit 'Frontline' caused havoc on dance floors, in radio land, everywhere and so, after its phenomenal success, it seems like Princess Nyah has got the whole of Britain tripping on her frontline! The Streets are watching as the UK’s brightest star steps up to ‘Take Control’ of things from the centre and maintain her grip on the younger listening public. No Princess Nyahdoubt, her ‘Patience And Persistence’ (title of her debut album) will positively help her predestined flight to stardom. Dreams can certainly become reality when you’re as talented, ambitious and determined as Nyah. Satisfyingly, she brings a whole new meaning to the adage ‘not just a pretty face’. Whether she’s laying down the vocals on a club anthem, Rapping over a Hip-hop beat, being the boss of her own clothing label or cutting deals with industry execs, Princess Nyah is a multi-talented artist and an astute businesswoman who takes things all in her stride.

Nyah’s desire to perform manifested itself at an early age. After winning a local dance competition when she was just six years old, her mother recognised her natural talent and encouraged her to develop it by sending her to classes at Sylvia Young Theatre School. Gradually, Nyah’s passion for music evolved alongside fashion, the other great love of her life. With the help of UK producer & Rapper Def1, Nyah ventured down the path of song-writing and she later became his on-stage hype girl wherever he performed. Like any true music lover, Nyah’s passion was never limited to just one genre. A life-long fan of Hip-hop, she was also crushed on Dance, House & Garage music and began taking regular summer holidays to Ayia Napa, the Mediterranean party island. Back in the UK, sweating from Dance fever, Nyah set about making the kind of hypnotic club music that had mesmerized her in Napa. 

Buoyant from the success of 'Frontline' (2009), the Princess wasted no time in throwing herself into her music releasing a self funded EP titled ‘Diary Of A Princess’. The set had joints like ‘Hooligans’ (with Ghettz and Griminal on the remix) and ‘Butterflies’. Nyah later worked with one of the UK’s most prolific producers, Donae’o to help incite the clubs once again with the remix of ‘Party Hard’, one of the biggest House tunes to date. She is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut album. Diverse, vibrant and bursting with energy, the set showcases the best of Princess Nyah’s music. “I grew up on Hip-hop and due to my Jamaican heritage there are lots of Reggae influences on there too”. At the same time, she has continued to develop her clothing store Binghi’s Boutique; launched her own label RoyleTease Records; designed her RoyleTease merchandise and even finds time to mentor young women interested in entering the music industry. Phew… it’s a lifestyle that many would find exhausting but, Princess Nyah just sees it all as part of the bigger picture.

I Wanna Party Hard...

During his teens, Ian Greenidge aka Donae’o (meaning ‘Gift from God’) released and re-released a few singles, most notably ‘Falling’ and ‘Bounce’ under various management outfits. Both singles made an impact on the underground with ‘Bounce’ winning an award for ‘Best Live PA’ at the People’s Choice Awards in 2003. All of this set the foundations for his future success as both Donaeoof those songs kick started his career. In his early 20s, he released a few more singles but, focused on working on a plan to orchestrate the next stage of his career. The plan? To take control of his career himself minus any management! He had penned a tune called ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’ and this was the one he felt could really turn things around… and he was right.
He promoted ‘Devil In A Blue Dress’ and released it on a white label. Doing things himself worked better in the sense that he was able to choose what and how he wanted to do things. Going with his gut instincts rather than over-discussing things with a bunch of different people certainly worked out and that’s the freedom he liked. Then things really took off… soon the single was the hottest tune on the Streets! He suddenly found himself in huge demand for Live PAs across the UK and in Aiya Napa, Italy as well as landing a coveted spot at the Glastonbury Festival. The mega single ‘Party Hard’ had taken the music world by storm as it crossed over into all kinds of markets. His next joint ‘I’m So Fly’ did even more damage on the dance floors, airwaves, everywhere. So expect the unexpected from the talented singer, songwriter, producer and be prepared for whatever he comes with (from his debut album, live performances etc.) to blow you away!


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