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G MaG 02
Greetings and welcome to the second instalment of the G MaG… and here's where we really gets to step it up and walk out in our own definitive style and pattern. No longer troubled by the 'little blue people' known as the 'Smurfs' (or, for that matter, anybody else under the influence of the 'Wizard'), we can finally breathe a sigh of relief as we march forward without the hitch of ‘mistaken identity’! And whilst moving at rapid pace, the G MaG is reaching all sorts of un-chartered territory and I'm guessing that this may have something to do with the fact that it is now 'FREE'.. But hey, who can resist a free mag especially one that looks this G MaG 02 Covergood?! Yow, are we blowing our own trumpet? Well yes, of course we are! The masses needs to know exactly what’s going down in the weird and wonderful world of Reggae and Black Music so, we’re gonna give it to them….

Yes, yes you can pick up your very own free copy of the G MaG in all sorts of places now like libraries, community centres, cultural stores, hairdressers, take-away food shops and (of course) specialist record stores… but don’t watch the ‘small listings page’ at the back of the mag cos it’s only small because our Admin assistant had run off on holiday and forgot to update it! Anyway... if you can’t find a copy anywhere then (after you’ve read your friend’s copy) simply call QMC Market Force and have them tell you where stocks are available…

Ok, here's what's on offer in this edition. Well, obviously, there are the wicked and exclusive interviews from the likes of Reggae veteran Bob Andy; profiles on some of Hip-hop's finest such as Queen Latifah and brand new artists like K-Dean, Cindy Olivia, 21:03 and Naka Jay gets a look in. There's a special tribute to Nina Simone; a reflection on the Dance master 'Bogle' and an in-depth account of the legendary institution of Jamaican music in the shape of 'The Alpha Factor'. Music reviews and such like then there's a continuation of the Lifestyle features from the last issue and, to top it off, our theme is ‘De Dancehall Nice Again!’ where we’ve profiled all the dons and donettes that's currently running tings inna de dance in 2006 headed by none other than [Baby] Cham and Rhianna. Above all of that though, readers can be enlightened by the G MaG and it won’t cost them a penny! Yes, yes y'all the big, bad G MaG is looking at you....yuh dun know!

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