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G MaG 01
Greetings and welcome to the debutant G MaG... the new lick and next chapter in our mission to bring the wonderful world of Reggae and Black Music to the masses. What's new about the 'G', I hear you ask?? Well, you may have noticed that there's a big red sticker on the cover with the word 'FREE' inscribed.... and that's exactly what the mag goes for now - it's absolutely free to our readers!! History in the making, I hear you proclaim?! Yes, I guess we've G MaG 01created a little piece of history cos, as far as I'm aware, we'll be the first gratis Reggae biased mag on the streets of the UK. And, for those of you wondering what has happened to GarGaMel - well, he retired to make way for the 'young gun' to step up, represent, keep it real and all those other street clichés! So those of you who used read your friend's copy of GarGaMel... now you can pick your very own G MaG in all sorts of places as opposed to newsagents where the old mag would get shoved to the back or simply lost amongst the millions of other titles!

More good news, you're now asking?? Sure enough, our new and improved, positively glittering edition comes with a whole new layout with a completely fresh approach. We've added new sections which offer a broader range of Music Reviews, Cultural Arts and digs deep into the Lifestyle of what's happening on the streets like Dance, Theatre, Hair & Beauty and Opinion pages. And we've even taken on board some new Contributors presenting you with a variety of editorial styles. And, on top of all that, the G MaG is absolutely free! What more can one want for from a street credible mag? No, let's not go there….!

So, what can you expect from this issue? Well, there's the regular columns passed on from GarGaMel such as African Gold, Poets' Corner, Deejay's Choice, Visual Arts, Gospel Select, Hip-hop Junction, Soca Motion, Industry Info and Music Charts. There's gotta be the Competition pages as that's what gets you guys going and apart from mentioning that there's a 2005 Best Music Round Up, as for the rest, well you're gonna have to pick you FREE copy to find out! Yes, yes the big, bad G MaG is coming for you.... You've been warned?!

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