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Anita Quansah London & Adebayo Jones Showcases
Anita Quansah ModeAdebayo Jones ModeThe organisers of Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) are pleased to announce the first set of Designers confirmed for this year’s Closing Show on Saturday 4 August of the two-day fashion extravaganza set to bring the best of African fashion to London’s Spitalfields on 3 & 4 August 2012.
Among the Designers who will be showcasing their exclusive collections is the international stylist of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent, Anita Quansah whose exquisite jewellery has recently been showcased at iROCK Tribes of Africa and graced the limbs of Alicia Keys on the cover of Vibe Magazine. Another stellar name is the Nigerian King of Couture Adebayo Jones whose breath-taking designs are set to dazzle the audiences.
Ronke Ademiluyi (Founder & CEO of Africa Fashion Week London) said of the partnership, “we are absolutely delighted to attract the support of such established names in the industry as well as emerging Designers. Africa Fashion Week not only provides a platform for African and African-inspired Designers but it’s also one that brings together established and emerging talents”.
In just over a month, London’s Spitalfields Market Halls, situated in the hip Shoreditch district, will play host to AFWL when African and African-inspired Designers from all corners of the globe will display their works to a 10,000 strong audience. With back-to-back Catwalk Shows and Exhibitions flaunting clothes, accessories, home-ware and jewellery, AFWL promises to be a fashion extravaganza like no other.

So much more is on offer now globally and many of our people have lost interest in fashion as necessary and important to their lives when today’s showbiz business rules for dressing relaxed and socializing is for dressing up. Working from home has become common. At the edge of the 21st century, dressing down in every aspect of life has become an acceptable norm. The main thrust of ‘Fashion Ova Style’ is the striving to achieve individuality. Fashion is proliferated as fast as it can be relayed by the mass media and only by styling oneself rather than slavishly following a particular designer’s fashion look, can individuality be achieved.
One thing we can say confidently about this decade is that, after the conspicuous consuming years of the ‘80s and ‘90s, less has became more today. Not everyone has adopted minimalism but, many have as they seek to blend and fit with an increasingly aggressive urban (do we like this word?) society. The silhouette has become neater as shoulder pads finally died. Jewellery became chic in its fineness and quality.
Straight dresses with mandarin collars and necks under long line brocade jackets followed a similar slim line. Other garments, shawls and knitwear are lavished with embroidery techniques. The opening up of China also heralded a new availability of decorative goods such as beaded and embroidered purses at affordable prices. The pretty beaded and ethnic purse style bags are similar to Victorian reticules and are used as a finishing touch to a special outfit, particularly at weddings (and we love weddings).
Grey is used in all its subtle nuances as a monochromatic colour scheme. Gradual tone changes meant designers played with every tone and shade of hue from deepest charcoal to steely blue and metallic to ice grey white. Easily update any look with grey touches by the addition of metallic silver toned; trimmed fashion accessories or flattering adaptable soft grey sheer tights. Or opt for lacy or thicker ribbed charcoal tights as you layer your looks. This look easily works well for those tied to the city.
DMXMilitary fashion has had designers working through every uniform era in the archives. Dolce and Gabbana highlighted Napoleonic styled jackets and coats with high stand collars. Ralph Lauren continues to design gold bordered military influenced garments and so does the high street. Great coats are a staple of deep winter fashion and buttons reinforce the military look whether small or large. Whatever fashionists say, this look refuses to bow out gracefully as it keeps morphing into new variations. The military is especially popular amongst Rastafarian men and increasingly, a lot of women.
Street style never goes away, it only get upgraded or re-designed. Practical and always adaptable to the street and the daily fight of battling busy cities as people move like ants getting from A to B. Grey and all the soft sombre powdered shades of fashion colours come into their own for this look. Expect the usual but, updated urban warrior styling of hooded jackets and knits often fur trimmed, luxury quilted parkas and feather weight down jackets. These down jackets are likely to be hot sellers as they combine practical functional elements with urban good looks.
Other new fashion looks and directions include the love of Black & White combinations and the use of brown and beige styling. There are also all sorts of fashion revivals so, don’t rush out just yet to get the ultimate soldier or warrior look but, wait for the opportune time to grab the best bargains that the high street store has to offer. A new nation is about to re-birth the looks of soldiers, heart of warriors and beauty to kill.

Fashion Esq

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