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Ellaz Poetry
A young girl raised in a Black community
Fighting for acceptance from her own society
She learnt to love and see beyond skin
But tormented and snubbed as if it were a sin
Lonely and afraid for now she has no identity
The colour of her skin is quite contradictory
She cannot relate to those of her kind
And the confusion is really messing with her mind
All that she loves and all that she feels
Is not welcomed with love for they say it’s not real
She has the ‘right’ face and is stepping up in life
But a knock back will come as she’s a Black man’s wife
The ignorance comes from a number of sides
If you look even closer you’ll see the pain in her eyes
How can she trust and where does she start?
For a big part of society is tearing her apart!!!
Now, she’s not in denial as she knows that she’s White
But she question’s if she’s been put in the right life!
You see the words from the lover who she truly adores
Sets in the deep thinking to identify the flaws
How dare you tell her that she is alright?
For the colour of her skin fits in cos she’s White!
How dare you minimise any of her pain?
Cos her colour alone means she don’t need to be vain!
How dare you challenge who she is by nature?
Cos you don’t understand the White girl who has culture!
How dare you question why she calls a Black woman ‘mum’?
When you have no idea of where that woman came from!
How dare you make assumptions that she can’t cook and clean?
When you don’t know where she’s going
And you don’t know where she’s been!
How dare you try to tell her she’s trying to be someone else?
When she’s on her life’s journey discovering herself!
How dare you make such comments and pass words so critically?
While I am loving you - you’re just judging me!



Swish Swish Swish
The branches angrily sway in the breeze
A storm is brewing and the sun is out of sight
The umbrella is turned inside out
And what seems to be simple, is now a fight!
A peeking ray of sun through the clouds
Although the darkness hides the light
The rain falls sadly upon the ground
But what is daytime appears as night
The wind is furious and pushes with force
But there is calm beneath the trees
A sheltered place that’s out of sight
That is warming and away from the breeze
The silence is louder than the thunderous rain
Yet the birds fly towards the glimpse of the sun
It is a shower that will momentarily pass
This is not the first nor will it be the last
The pin drop sound that is quietly loud
Amongst the silence of the calm after the storm
Is heard, for many miles around
In an echo, a whistle or another form
Swish Swish Swish

You see the life I’ve lived has made me this way
As I’ve experienced, seen and felt different pain
I hear the woman say she doesn’t want Grand Pickney
If they’re half breed, half cast and definitely not from me!
Now the only judgement at face value is the colour of my skin
So I look a little deeper to see what this woman has within
And I think if maybe she could just analyse
She would see that I’m a woman with integrity and pride
I look past the words and I truly understand
That her experiences in life must have made her think bad
The many challenges in life cause us to be knocked down
But to blame the new and forthcoming we’re just sharing a frown
So I analyse, really is this a problem that’s mine that I need to solve
Or do I step forward and pray for her emotions to dissolve?
You see I cannot fight against the battles that are within her
For my presence alone only seems to cause a stir
A stir of emotions that she doesn’t understand
Nor does she seem to be able to grasp them in her hand
It doesn’t really matter what I do or what I say
Her mind has been set from the very first day
She doesn’t want me here, in her face or in her life
Nor will she accept me as her only son’s wife!
The battle that is within her, she wants to battle it with me
And after so many years of trying, just to make her see
I’ve realised now that I have to walk away
And hope God hears me when I pray
For the healing in her heart and for her to understand
I only ever loved her son and wanted him to step up as a man!

I may stand before you with a similar shade or complexion
But that does not signify we have the same dedication
Our minds are different and our heart beats at a different pace
We both know what it means to be part of one race
I look to the left and I see its rejection
So I look to the right and its only objection
I look down again as I stand on this fence
Watching the pain and the anger holding up a defence
I look up above and I ask the Lord ‘Why’
Why are these people living a lie?
They have segregated and grouped, for that is what they’ve been taught
Thinking the hearts and the minds of God’s soldiers can be brought
I’m not stepping to the left and neither to the right
But give me the strength that I need to cast upon them, some light
Open up the souls and the minds of the cruel and unkind
Let them release and unleash what it is that they find
Give them the strength and the power to neutralise the hurt
So we can take down this fence and learn from this dirt
Let us sow the seeds of the crops that we will reap together
Protecting what we have created from any harmful weather
Let us hold strong to what we believe we should do
And give guidance to those who go against the rule
One question that has been forgotten, the answer I hold true to my heart
If we strip us of our skin, how else can you tell us apart?

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