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Mel CMelissa is the Editor, Publisher & Owner of G MaG, the ‘Authentic Word in Black Entertainment’ - once a bi-monthly publication and formerly titled Gargamel Magazine, the ‘International Word in Reggae & Urban’ music - but now only available FREE Online. Established in 1999, the magazine was being sold all over the world including the USA, Canada, Jamaica and Europe with some of its international writers residing in Miami and New York; The Gambia and Nigeria; Germany, France and Jamaica.
During Melissa’s professional career, she spent three years as a Music Editor at The Journal, once part of the Voice Newspaper Group. Prior to this, she spent some fifteen years as a Teacher of Adult Education, Business Studies, ESOL and IT Communications based in local and central government’s training and educational establishments including the former Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) / Greater London Council (GLC). In the ‘80s, Melissa had served nine years as a Youth Leader motivating and empowering young people across the capital and in the very early days, she worked as a Legal Secretary. Her other interests and hobbies included managing her own Netball Club [CAMEO NTA] for over twenty years having played, coached and umpired for the All England Netball Association.
DJ Cameo LogoAs far as Reggae/Black music is concerned, Melissa grew up in an environ conducive to the genre and was once a member of a Lovers Rock group back in the late ‘70s, the days of Dennis Emmanuel Brown’s DEB Music label era. As a deejay (DJ  CAMEO), she played in numerous Clubs, at Functions and on the Community (Pirate) Radio Stations, Genesis FM and Klimaxx Radio from the early ‘90s and has done several guest shows for the BBC. For four years, Melissa was the Music Co-ordinator for the ‘Lifestyle On Ben’ TV Chat Show. She now occasionally acts as a Music Consultant to  Record Labels, Event Promoters and Independent Artists as well as Proof Editor for various Book & Magazine Publishers.

Cameo Gem StonePS – One of the reasons for using the name CAMEO was that, as a teenager, Melissa was 'simply in love’ with the Cameo Precious Stones and the Wedgewood Porcelain, Antique and Fine Art collection. The CAMEO is a beautiful Gem Stone that comes in different colours (pink, brown, blue, grey, black) in the shape of a variety of miniature sculptured figurines, mostly of a Victorian Lady's Head & Shoulders…. So naturally, it was associated with women who pampered Cameo Wedgewood Collectand sought after the finer things in life.

The Cameo Gem Stone was used back in the day to make a whole host of attractive (and expensive) female jewellery and Mel had a small collection (rings, necklaces, bracelets) that she was very proud of. Whilst most people were sporting their Sovereigns, Chaperita and Kurgans, Mel donned her CAMEO. Hence, she named her Netball Team CAMEO (in the early ‘80s) and later in the ‘90s (to present day), whenever she touches the Mixing Desk or flipped a 12” on her SL12 Technics, for the record, it's CAMEO representing….

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