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DJ / MC Profile

Radio Presenter / Artist / MC / Sound System Owner / Producer / TV Host
DJ Sunshine 1“Love is when you are able to give of yourself freely”… If her definition of love is anything to go by then DJ Sunshine loves us all as for more than a decade, she has been giving of her craft to the pleasure of people worldwide. The art of deejaying or manipulating the beats has been a passion of Sunshine’s since childhood. Growing up in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Sunshine would record her favourite songs on cassettes using them to create mixes on the family stereo set. She left Jamaica to pursue a degree in architecture at Miami Dade Community College. However, art is within us and every artist must answer the call.
Sunshine’s love for music trumped her love for architecture and the people couldn’t be happier. When she returned home, she started working the DJ circuit. Her talent for musical mastery was quickly recognised and she was discovered by Marketing Consultant Karlene Walters who, made all the right moves. Walters connected with Irie FM’s Marketing Manager Brian Schmidt who, took the time out to watch Sunshine play at a local hang out. Impressed with her style, he introduced her to the late Karl Young who added Sunshine to the Irie FM team in October 2001. She can now be heard playing on family stereo sets worldwide Wednesdays to Fridays 2:00 – 6:00pm inside ‘The Jam’.
DJ Sunshine’s pursuit of success is undeniable and her passion for perfection is unparalleled. “Getting a job at Irie FM is my most memorable moment because it changed my life”. Irie FM has made Sunshine a household name but her destiny and future are under her control. She never stops moving, evolving, reaching new spheres. She is an entertainment staple - if she’s not spinning the music at some of Jamaica’s hottest parties then she’s the MC at one of JA’s top stage shows like Rebel Salute, Follow Di Arrow or FUEL. And, she is the first Jamaican female to own a Sound System.
But with all this success, Sunshine seems difficult to please as she evolves from one expressive art form to the next. Her trademark voice is now ‘riding the riddim’ of stellar musical beats. In her new role as artist, Sunshine touches on all topics from the struggle to survival to the desire to be in love but, even familiar tales become phenomenal with the Sunshine touch. Her music is relatable and her lyrics are DJ Sunshine 2infectious. Songs like ‘Nuh Let Me Go’, ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’, ‘Run Some Money’ and ‘Conqueror’ are undoubtedly inspired by life and its day to day challenges. But even ‘riding the riddim’ can’t contain Sunshine as she’s creating the riddims too. As a producer, she has created riddims that are on heavy rotation in many a disc jocks’ playlist including Justice, Crazy Mind and After Dark featuring some of the best in the business.
It seems the more SHE gives, the more WE want. With one of the silkiest voices on radio and a breathtaking smile the transition from radio to television was only a matter of time. Sunshine hosts the Top 20 Countdown show ‘Reggalution 20’ on CVM TV on Friday afternoons. The show is filmed across Jamaica showcasing and uplifting Reggae music from both Jamaican and international artists. “I don’t have a favourite colour. I love all colours although I do love to wear black”. It’s ironic that a woman with the personality and radiance of DJ Sunshine (pun intended) loves to wear black but this could just be a further reflection of her humility.
Sunshine is just another hardworking Jamaican, doing her thing. Her constant evolution is a motivator for young females walking a similar path but, watch these rays closely ladies; if Sunshine’s current momentum is anything to go by, who knows what talent this entrepreneur may bless us with next. One thing is for certain being a radio personality, disc jockey, artist, sound system owner, producer, MC and television host has earned Sunshine the title ‘The First Lady of Entertainment’. “To change the world you have to change yourself, it starts within”.


Radio Presenter / Club Deejay / Photographer
Jairzinho 1Jairzinho has been in and around the underground music scene since the early ‘80s. He raved to the likes of Saxon, Touch Of Class, Manhattan and various other Sound Systems. The whole music thing first came about when he listened to his dad play his treasured vinyl on the gramophone and host the various house parties which then became a legendary talking point for years to come. Later, he made and distributed his own Mix-tapes back in the day and detailed them with designs of Graffiti art or collages of artists featured on the tapes. He began his deejaying career at ‘house parties’ for family and friends. He quickly became hooked on the entertainment buzz and saw that he could entertain others so, he took it upon himself to do something about what would become part of the rest of his life.

Jairzinho’s most recent venture has taken him into Radio broadcasting. About two years ago, he decided that, with all the music he’d obtained over the years, most were only gathering dust and wanted to do something about it. He also noticed that some of the DJs on the circuit were stuck in a ‘musical warp’ where only certain records were played. So inventively, he built an internet radio website with the help of two friends (Nigel B from Special Touch and Ohaji Kamara) and named the site ‘LUV FREENESS’ at www.luvfreeness.com. This site represents giving something back to the community for free. Within this site, he incorporated a ‘Live’ Radio Station called RARE LONDON RADIO which allowed him to broadcast to the world and give his audience exactly what they were asking for - bringing the element of a dance/rave onto radio. RARE LONDON RADIO was set up purely for the love of music and wanting to give potential listeners a change from the norm. The station has gone from strength to strength and he has now dedicated Monday nights to the listeners where they become the DJ by submitting a ‘playlist’ of their favourite tracks. This gives the listeners a chance to hear exactly what they want to hear rather than the ‘host’ dictating what should be heard.
Colin Jackson & JairzinhoOther interests: Jairzinho is also a keen photographer so, within the site, there is a Gallery of professional shots of people having a great time at parties. It gives people a chance to not only see themselves having a great time but, also gives others an insight into how good an event was, possibly tempting them into attending the next one. He is also into ‘event co-ordinating’ specialising in Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries etc. Check out www.yourdayyoursay.co.uk  for a more detailed review of what goes on. He also dabbles with Design and is responsible for the artwork of his website.

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