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Dawn Butler MP
A NEW BREED OF POLITICIAN - A Tribute by Kenny V Passley
Dawn Butler MPApart from being MP for Brent South, Dawn Butler is one of the most powerful women in the current Government. She’s the very first Appointed Black female Government Minister; a Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office Member, Assistant Whip and has been appointed to the Select Committee on the Modernization of the House of Commons. In November 2007, Butler was chosen to second the Queen's Speech and she was named ‘Female MP of the Year’ at the 2009 Women in Public Life Awards. Following her appointment as Minister for Young Citizens and Youth Engagement, she became the first Black woman to speak from the Dispatch Box in the House of Commons during Question Time in December 2009.
Born and raised in East London, Dawn still has a second home in Stratford. DB has a crazy daily schedule… being called upon to make appearances on TV and at Rallies; always having to rush off to Number Ten or get to some Meeting because of her effectiveness as a Politician and the demands for her as a brilliant public speaker. Renowned for her sense of humour and being forcefully out spoken on a frightening amount of subjects, Dawn often finds herself to be the chosen representative for many! Critics love her for her passion. She’s admired on both sides of the House for her fearless manor; speaking her mind and telling it like it is on issues. Butler is a person who’s quietly revolutionizing the Commons’ traditional way of thinking with fresh new approaches to dealing with old problems, in particular with understanding the mentality of the young. She has the unique role as Main Rep and Spokesperson for the Youth of England and is highly respected as a person responsible for reducing the gap between the misunderstood alienated young with ‘the powers that be’!
Dawn Butler - House of CommonsDawn Butler relates to ordinary people by speaking their language. She’s endeared herself to many by getting involved with what seems like unimportant issues but, are in fact of higher interest to a huge amount of local people. With the kind of abilities she has exhibited when it comes to powers of persuasion, it’s not surprising that she’s been chosen as Minister for the Young; the section of society that’s traditionally overlooked but, is of utmost importance for the future of the country. Such is the popularity and faith in her in the Labour Party and in the country as a whole, don’t be surprised if, in the near future, Dawn Butler is selected as Leader and even go on to become Prime Minister!

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