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Ptah-Ra is a gifted Poet, Card Designer and Jewellery Maker. In 2008, after being Ptah-Ra 1disillusioned with the Greeting Cards that were offered to the African Caribbean community, she decided to start her own business in the field. Her business is based on the belief that ‘the customer’s needs are of the utmost importance’ and she is committed to fulfilling those needs. She’s very versatile in the work that she does which enables her to create and design personalised cards for all occasions that are unique and different. These cards are handmade from beginning to end using high quality materials; produced to the highest standard with a 2D/3D effect, also known as decoupage.
Ptah-Ra’s favourite form of card making is Bespoke Cards… she takes an image of your choice Bespoke Cards(a special person, place, thing etc.) that are meaningful and significant to you and with your instructions of colour, size and wording (or words of her choosing), she’ll produce a high quality, beautiful card that can be treasured forever. For that extra special gift, you can have your card placed in a beautiful hand-crafted gift box and delivered directly to your intended recipient.
In addition to producing high quality cards, Ptah-Ra has ventured into the world of Jewellery Making, hand-crafting each individual item. Her jewellery is more fragile than the industrially Ptah Ra Jewellerymade or mass produced items as they are mainly made with semi precious stones, resin and beads. Her next venture will be to produce handmade handbags and purses from materials such as silk, brocade and cotton.
Ptah-Ra believes her hands are blessed by The Almighty for which, she gives all the praise for the gift she has been given to bring joy to the faces of those she comes in contact with. Her vision for the future is to have her hand-crafted products sold internationally.
To view Ptah-Ra’s Works, please see our LINKS page to go directly to her website.

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