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Author: Zindika Kamauesi - Publisher: BIS Publications

 An accomplished Writer, Teacher and Educationalist, Zindika Kamauesi is best known for her work as a Playwright and through this she has toured nationally with the Black Theatre Co-Valiant Womenoperative. In the ‘90s, pieces of her work were performed in collaboration with Adzido Dance Company at The Sadlers Wells Theatre and The Royal Festival Hall. She is the author of several books including When Will I See You Again?’ published in 2005 and ‘A Daughter’s Grace’ (1992). This is her first book for children.
Valiant Women is a series of biographical profiles dedicated to the outstanding achievements of Black/African women whose courageous lives and works have contributed significantly to the struggles of African people worldwide. The book profiles 13 Black women from the UK, Africa, Caribbean and America hailing from all walks of life such as Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Claudia Jones, Doreen Lawrence and Queen Nzinga. Each profile stands alone but, the author draws together the information into four main sections: their background, their education, their achievements and their rewards. The introduction, conclusion and the assignments are linked to a common objective - to introduce children to new role models who have surmounted the barriers of race and gender so as to inspire them to do their best and excel.
Zindika was inspired to write this book because some of the women had been inspirational in her life and she wanted other people to know about them and to share their achievement particularly with the younger generation who may not come across some of these women in the mainstream School Curriculum. She wanted to write a book aimed at Secondary School aged children where they could see a range of high achievers throughout history who had worked hard and persevered to achieve their goals. A lot of our youngsters especially once they had reached Secondary School are setting their sights too short and they need to see that all things are possible. Valiant Women is a practical and informative book and Zindika hopes the assignments will encourage children to do further research.


Quotations By People Of African Descent
By Ms Serwah & Kwaku K

Ms Serwah & Kwaku KAside from her professional role as a Lawyer, Ms Serwah, along with Kwaku K (Lecturer & Writer), has been running Youth Projects and Training Schemes (amongst other community activities) in Brent for many years – British Black Music (BBM) and Beyond The Will Smith Challenge (BTWSC). They are well respected in the community and have become Mentors to many young people in their neighbourhood. They recently launched this, their first book ‘African Voices: Quotations By People Of African Descent’ at the House of Commons…. the event was hosted by Ms Dawn Butler MP, Minister for Youth Citizens & Youth Engagement and attended by many of the community’s leading Black figures.

 Below is a summary of why this book is a necessary document for us all:
‘Quotations from Africans and non-Africans can inspire. However, we could not help noticing African Voices Bookthat quotation books often had a Eurocentric perspective and few African contributors were included. This can give the erroneous impression that Africans have little to say or contribute.
Living in Britain where, a critical number of Africans appear to have lost inspiration and self-esteem, we thought it would be helpful for them to be encouraged by quotes from Africans and be reminded that thinking has always been part of the African psyche.
Carter G Woodson rightly stated that: “those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history”.
Is it surprising that some young Africans have lost confidence when the educational system neglects to teach them what their forebears have achieved whilst some parents do little to improve matters?
African Voices Book Launch - House of CommonsThe erroneous suggestion that Africa has not contributed much to world civilisation robs people of African descent of pride. As Steve Biko said: “you are either alive and proud or you are dead and when you are dead, you can’t care anyway”. Is it surprising then that some of our young people do not seem to think twice about the consequences of their actions?’
For more information on BBM and BTWSC, see our LINKS page to connect directly to their website.

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