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Asafa Powell
Aside from Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell is the other name that's normally on people’s lips as he (we firmly believe) is responsible for providing the vital motivation that had brought out the ‘rough and tough’ competitive nature of Bolt enabling him to rise to the top. Of course, Powell held the 100m world record for three years (between June 2005 and May 2008 with times of 9.77s and 9.74s). And, although many had tried to wrestle the record away from him, it was Asafa Powellonly his compatriot Bolt who was able to do it. So, you can imagine the tussle on the dusty race tracks of rural Jamaica where only the fittest of the fit survived (literally). We only got to see the end result but, there must have been many an informal track meet where the ‘Bolt v Powell’ scenario played out. Powell ran the anchor leg of the 4x100m relay and many feel that it’s through his dogged efforts that the gold medal and World Record was achieved. He ran the distance faster than any sprinter has ever done…. his split time was recorded at 8.70s… so, although he may not always figure in the individual major races, he can run faster than anyone else on the planet… when he’s ready to run. His personal best time in the 100m of 9.72s is the joint second fastest time in the history of the event…. no mean feat at all.
Powell was born on 23 November 1982 in Spanish Town, in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica. He is the son of two ministers, Reverend William and Cislyn Powell who are co-pastors of a non-denominational church in Linstead. Whilst studying in Kingston, he had plans of becoming a mechanic before taking up running but, his elder brother, Donovan was a 100m semi-finalist in the 1999 World Championships and this had inspired him. The year 2006 was a great one for Asafa. Among his many accomplishments, he won ten 100m IAAF Grand Prix events; the Commonwealth Games 100m and 4x100m relay gold medals. He equalled his then World Record three times and, for his efforts, was awarded the ‘Male World Athlete of the Year’ title.... No, it doesn't end there...

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