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Youth Activities
First Gold for East London
With less than 13 weeks to go for the Olympics, there is one East London Team that has already taken Gold in 2012.  The team, The Real Deal, trained and coached by Actress and Artistic Director, Suzann McLean outperformed 24 other groups from Theatre Schools across the UK to win the BBC’s talent competition, Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2012 in March.
The mixed group, made up of eight children whose ages range from 11 to 15, are all students at Young And Talented (Y&T), a new generation of Theatre Schools which The Real Dealnurtures and develops young people for Stage, Screen and Life. They are a product of what can be achieved when young people have a purpose; when they grow in confidence and when they gain self esteem to express their personality and creativity. Helping young people to be at their best and realise their true potential is precisely what Suzann McLean has been doing in East London for the last 8 years. Her highly innovative Arts based Programmes instils the importance of passion, perseverance and commitment – the essential qualities needed in all walks and all stages of life.
The life enhancing journey for this group all started back in September 2011. Each Saturday, for the last 28 weeks, 50 young people have committed themselves to a programme of Acting, Singing and Dance. Their journey and programme will end in July this year with a Production to showcase their talent. The Production, entitled ‘Viva Eastender’ is a Cabaret with an Olympic Theme. It will be held at the Rich Mix Theatre (in Bethnal Green) on 21 and 22 July 2012.
The curtain raises once again in the Autumn for the start of its September 2012 Programme, a 39 week Schedule. Y&T are currently recruiting for this Programme. To be part of the intake, it is advisable to get your Booking Forms in early. As an extra incentive, we are running an amazing Competition; the top prize is a free Scholarship to Y&T.
For further information about Y&T; the September 2012 Programme which runs through to July 2013 and details of the Competition, contact Suzann McLean on 020 8556 5348 - email yandt@ymail.com - or visit www.youngandtalented.co.uk

NARMNARM (Naming And Role Model)

NARM is a Heritage Lottery Funded project delivered by Brent-based voluntary organisation BTWSC. The project highlights (in a DVD and booklet) a range of African British male role models from 1907 to 2007, across various disciplines and endeavours (www.btwsc.com/NARM).

For more info email
: btwsc@hotmail.com



Through Supplementary Schools & Mentoring
Talks based Programme with Speakers

Harrow Civic Centre
Station Road
Harrow HA1 2XF

Included Action Points and Launch of
Akoben Awards ‘African History: Did You Know’ CD

For more info email

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