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About Us
Gala FlyerG MaG is the refreshingly edgy, A4 bi-monthly FREE magazine that covers the different aspects of  Black Entertainment, Music, Arts, Sports, Culture  & Lifestyle. With news, reviews and interviews from the African, Gospel, Hip-hop, Jazz, R&B, Bashment, Reggae, Salsa & Soca genres. It also includes Opinion pieces and cultural features on the Arts, Film/Theatre, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Ideology, Politics, Youth Culture and Sport.
Founded in April 1999, the print version of this essential international guide to what’s happening in the world of Black Entertainment, Music, Culture & Lifestyle  was not only being appreciated by a diverse cross section of the UK’s community but, was also distributed globally via QMC Market Force & World Wide Magazine Distribution. Its availability could be found in places like community outlets, libraries, bookshops, specialist record stores and music chains like HMV.

G MaG Online (the internet version) was established in Nov 2008 and a new site was re-Shakedown Part 2introduced in January 2010.
G MaG celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary with a Celebrity Gala in November 2009, having being established internationally as Gargamel Magazine in 1999 but changing its name and status to G MaG (FREE) in January 2006. 
Continuing its annual ‘Special Occasion’ Celebrations, G MaG held a 12th Year Anniversary Party that took on the Subtitle of ‘The Shakedown’ (Pink & Black Affair) held at a South London venue on 16 December 2011, a Six-Part Gala Series that aptly flowed into 2012. The 13th Year Anniversary Festivities witnesses FOUR Themed Events running through 2012. The Shakedown ‘Part 2’ - Pink & Black Spring Fest took place aboard the elegant Tereza Joanne Boat, moored firmly in The Docklands on 8 April 2012 with The ‘Part 3’ – Green & White Summer Ball Edition being held at the same venue on 1 June 2012.

See Gallery 2 for Pictures taken at these G MaG Affairs.

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